Penis Protection Mistakes - 6 Jock Strap Fails That Could Wreck the Penis

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    Feb 06, 2014
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Penis Protection Mistakes - 6 Jock Strap Fails That Could Wreck the Penis Photo by John Dugan

A jock strap is designed to protect the penis and testicles from injury when some sort of athletic activity is in progress and the action is fast and furious. Since a jock strap keeps delicate tissues tucked up snug against the body, and perhaps even protected by a plastic cup, a man can play the day away without worrying overly about penis care at the end of it all. However, this intense protection can only be provided if men choose the proper type of jock strap, and unfortunately, men make these 6 support mistakes over and over again, leaving the equipment vulnerable to all kinds of injuries:

1. Not Wearing One at All

Obviously, the biggest mistake a man can make when it comes to his athletic supporter is refusing to wear the product at all. These athletes may think their reflexes are so sharp that they'll be able to deflect a projectile with a hand or a thigh, making the extra underwear layer unnecessary. Unfortunately, these men might quickly find out that their reflexes aren't as finely honed as they might believe. When they're led, limping, off the field of play, these men might wish for a jock strap do-over.

2. Skipping a Cup When It's Needed

A standard jock strap provides plenty of support, but sliding a cup into the front of the sling adds an extra layer of protection that can deflect flying objects. That plastic addition can be uncomfortable, but it's vital when men are playing sports like:

  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Soccer

3. Leaving the Cup in for All Sports

Some sports involve a lot of running, with very little chance of a direct hit. Leaving the cup in place during these activities could lead to serious chafing and discomfort. Running in track-and-field events, for example, or flying up and down the basketball court, might not require the help of a cup, but a standardized jock strap is still a suggested part of a man's wardrobe to keep the testicles tucked up against the body.

4. Choosing a Piece With a Flimsy Waistband

Products with razor-thin waistbands can look stylish, highlighting a man's toned abs and rolling thigh muscles. However, these products can also shift and sway, marginalizing the protection they can provide. In general, products with thick waistbands tend to stay in place just a little better during periods of heavy activity, and while they might not be as visually appealing, they might offer a deeper level of protection.

5. Looking for Loose Leg Straps

Sure, it might be uncomfortable for men to deal with the thin elastic threads that come on most jock straps. After all, most men aren't accustomed to dealing with elastic back there, and they might mitigate their discomfort by choosing a product with loose, floppy bands. Unfortunately, when the bands are too loose, they tend to twist and roll, and that can pull a strap out of place, leaving the jewels open to serious injury.

6. Refusing to Try the Fit.

Jock straps shouldn't be tested on the fly, in the midst of fast-moving objects and clumsy co-competitors. Instead, these products should be tested in a dressing room, and there should be a little movement involved. Slipping a jock strap over compression shorts, and sliding in that athletic cup, can give a shopper a good sense of fit, and walking around a bit (or even running in place) can make the decision a little easier to make.

Wearing a jock strap is an important part of any man's penis protection protocol during game time, but there are other steps that can also be vital in keeping the tool ready for playtime of a different sort. For example, a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can nourish the nerves down below, ensuring that they're prepared to deliver signals of pleasure. The soothing quality of these products can also help to soothe skin that might be roughened up during constant contact with a jock strap, so that skin is ready for anything that might happen when it's go time in the bedroom. Massaging in a bit of creme could be a vital part of the cool-down period after sports, as well as the heat-up interval before intimacy.

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