Penis Bumps and Blisters Three Important Tips

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    May 16, 2013
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Penis Bumps and Blisters Three Important Tips Photo by John Dugan

A quick self-exam, performed as part of a routine penis care regimen, could help men to spot penis lumps and bumps when they're small and easy to treat. When a man's searching fingers find those pesky protrusions, however, he might react with sheer panic and fright. It's reasonable to be concerned, but it's also worthwhile to take a deep breath and follow these three simple, commonsense steps. Doing so could lead to penis health in no time at all.

1. Don't Try to Pop It.

Pinching, poking or squeezing a penis bump is never a good idea. In fact, it could lead to catastrophe. The skin around the penis may be contaminated with splashes of urine or tiny colonies of bacteria, and poking a hole in the skin could allow wriggling bacteria and germs to enter the body where they could do a significant amount of damage. Additionally, some lumps and bumps on penis skin aren't caused by any kind of blocked pore or subsurface invader. Instead, these bumps might be caused by infections or damaged tissues, and piercing these layers could lead to even more problems down the line.

2. Visit a Doctor.

Searching the Internet, phoning a friend or even showing a girlfriend a penis bump might seem reassuring, but often, it's impossible for people without medical degrees to know what's causing a skin issue. Sometimes, even doctors can't tell why tissue is inflamed until they run a few tests and consult with a laboratory on the results.

At a doctor's appointment, men should be sure to:

  • Describe how the bump has changed, if at all, since it was first noticed
  • Detail any recent sexual activity
  • Bring along any prescriptions or vitamins that are part of daily life
  • Describe any sensations of pain associated with the bump

In some cases, changes in diet or medications could make the lumps and bumps fade. In other cases, creams or pills might be needed in order to combat the problem. And sometimes, the bumps are completely harmless, and a man is advised to just use reasonable care in order to keep his penis healthy.

3. Practice Proper Penis Care.

No matter the cause of penis bumps, they can serve as a wakeup call that a man's penis care technique isn't quite what it should be. For some men, this means they're not staying safe during sexual activity.

Some sexually transmitted infections manifest as lumps and bumps on the penis. While a condom can't provide 100 percent protection against this problem, barriers can keep some delicate tissue under wraps, so it won't slide up against the infected tissue of a partner. Men who are lax about condoms might need to revise their policies, and penis bumps could provide that prompt.

Raw, irritated skin bruised through poor handling and a lack of nutrition can also erupt into bumps. The skin loses its smooth appearance when it's maltreated, and it can heal into all sorts of funky shapes. A penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be of vital help here. These products contain the vitamins and nutrients that starved tissues need, and the dermal application means that all of the goodness goes into the tissues directly, without taking a long journey through the body first. Products like this also contain vital emollients that can allow hardened skin to soften and smooth out. With just a few applications, a man is sure to feel the difference, as might his partners.

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