Coping with Penis Pimples - No Popping or Squeezing, Please

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    Aug 15, 2013
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Coping with Penis Pimples - No Popping or Squeezing, Please Photo by John Dugan

Put plainly, a pimple is a haven of infected slime that's trapped beneath the surface of the skin. The throbbing and aching that accompanies these lesions can drive any man wild, especially when the source of the pain is located below the belt. Any guy with penis pimples might be willing to break out the needles, scissors and tweezers in order to release the pus and allow the skin to heal. But there's good reason to use caution when dealing with these delicate tissues. In fact, proper penis care for these lumps and bumps should not involve any sort of squeezing or picking.

Dangers of DIY Techniques

At the core of a penis pimple is a bit of oil or skin. This little plug blocks the normal secretions of the skin, and this blocked fluid makes a perfect home for bacteria. In time, when the immune system notices that there is an invader in the area, the affected skin can redden and swell. It's not uncommon for penis pimples to grow to enormous sizes, and they can often be quite painful, not to mention unattractive.

Pricking the tip of a blemish with a pin or scissors might provide immediate relief, as it can allow the trapped fluid to escape the confines of the skin, but it could also be dangerous. The air is full of bacterial cells looking for a home, and a man's lap might also be home to hundreds of thousands of cells that are eager to migrate below the skin. Pricking the skin could give these organisms the invitation they need to invade, and the subsequent infections that set in could be even more painful, when compared to the original pimple.

Additionally, most penis pimples involve deep tissues, so removing the pus means squeezing and pushing and prodding. In some cases, this allows the infection to come out. In other cases, the infected fluids are pushed down into lower portions of the skin. Abscesses can form when infections take hold very far beneath the skin, and sometimes, experts must be called in to rectify the problem via surgery.

Proper Penis Care

If pricking and squeezing is out of the question, most men might wonder what they can do to relieve the pain when a penis pimple sets in. Thankfully, the most conservative steps tend to be most effective. Soaking the area can help the infection to move to the top of the skin, and it might also help to reduce pain. Men can get this kind of relief by:

  • Soaking in a jacuzzi
  • Taking a warm bath
  • Applying a warm, wet washcloth several times per day
  • Rinsing the area with warm water after each trip to the bathroom

In time, the infected material will rise to the surface, and all of the collected tissue will be reabsorbed by the body, with no poke of the skin needed. In a few days, a tiny scab might form and slough off, and a man will be ready for action once more.

Prevention Techniques

Dealing with a penis pimple is far from pleasant, and most men who endure these problems would be thrilled if they never saw another mountain of pain arise anywhere on their member. Thankfully, there are some things men can do to keep their sensitive skin healthy so it's less apt to break out in painful lesions.

Washing the area with warm water on a daily basis is key, as this practice can help to cleanse away bacteria that might hope to infect the tissue. Following up that rinse with the application of a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also be helpful. These products can keep skin soft and supple, so fewer flakes of skin can block pores and lead to pimples, and ingredients like vitamin A, which have antibacterial properties, are often used for treating acne and other skin conditions. With this quick amendment to the daily routine, penis pimples might be a thing of the past.

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