Penis Odor FAQ Why it Stinks Down There and How to Fix It

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    Jul 26, 2013
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Penis Odor FAQ Why it Stinks Down There and How to Fix It Photo by John Dugan

One of the most common complaints that men (and their partners) have about the penis is the distinctive smell that often emanates from the region. While certain people find the aroma to be intriguing on some level, most prefer a more delicate scent, but getting rid of a fishy, rancid penis odor can be tricky. In the following Q&A, some of the causes of a smelly penis are reviewed, along with some suggestions for eliminating the odor once and for all. Armed with this information, men are more likely to clear up the stench, leaving them with a more attractive, healthy penis.

Q: What causes that stinky smell?

A: There are several things that can contribute to this problem. The most obvious, of course, are the sweat, urine and other unmentionables that may accumulate in the area, sticking to the body hair, skin and underwear and mixing to create an unmistakable stink. Men who smoke are even more likely to have problems with smelly sweat. Certain underlying health conditions can also create body smells that are hard to get rid of; these are not always easy to erase, and in some cases, the people who are producing them are unable to detect them.

The most prominent cause of penis odor is bacteria - tiny organisms that accumulate on the skin and even penetrate into the dermal tissue. Not all of these microbes are harmful - most are not - but their metabolic processes produce smells that can be highly unpleasant to the human senses.

Q: I shower every day - sometimes twice! Why can’t I get rid of the fishy odor?

A: A surprising number of men, even those who shower regularly, do not always make it a point to pull back the foreskin and clean underneath. These men often develop an accumulation of smegma - a cheesy material made up of sloughed-off skin cells, body oils, and other nastiness that tends to attract smelly bacteria. Men who are uncircumcised need to be careful about cleaning this area, because the smegma can not only lead to a bad smell, but also to infections that can be uncomfortable, or even painful.

Q: Will circumcision help?

A: Probably, but really, there is no need to go to that extreme. Removing the foreskin is controversial; many medical professionals view it as an unnecessary procedure, and any time a sharp knife and sensitive skin come in close contact, there is a risk of some loss of sensation. Circumcision may help to get rid of foul odors, but in most cases, there are less drastic ways to solve the problem.

Q: So what is the solution?

A: Men who suffer regularly from a penis smell that they just can’t wash away are not without hope. While there are many issues that can lead to overall unpleasant body odors - some of them medical in nature - most cases of a smelly penis can be resolved fairly simply at home.

First, of course, it is important to wash regularly. Although scrubbing with soap may seem intuitive here, this is really not the best way to go about it, because soaps can leave the skin cracked and dry - this actually makes it easier for bacteria to penetrate and cause various problems, including bad smells. Men who are uncut should carefully pull back the foreskin and gently wipe away any accumulated smegma, then rinse the area thoroughly. The head should be allowed to dry before replacing the foreskin.

Second, trimming the hair from the area can reduce the buildup of sweat, urine, and other substances that can create an unmistakable stench. Less hair means less surface area for these substances to cling to, so even men who are not into manscaping as a general rule might want to consider this step.

Finally, adding a penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the daily cleanup routine can be a highly effective way to get rid of unpleasant smells. A high-quality penis cream like this should contain vitamin A, which is a natural antibacterial that can help to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The ingredients in a penis vitamin formula can leave the manhood moisturized, supple, and pleasant-smelling - a state which men and their partners will appreciate.

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