Five Steps to Take when Penis Pain Strikes

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    Jul 16, 2013
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Five Steps to Take when Penis Pain Strikes Photo by John Dugan

"Walk it off, soldier!" That's the phrase most men hear rolling through their heads when they develop a sore penis. In a way, it's understandable. Soreness like this is often caused by a man's inattentiveness or his negligence, and discussing the circumstances that surround an intimate injury can be incredibly embarrassing. Staying silent might mean saving face. However, there are some cases of discomfort that can result in long-lasting damage without the proper amount of penis care, meaning that silence could lead to medical problems down the line. That's why taking action is so very important, as men who do something may be men who heal. These are 5 great steps any man can take when penis pain strikes.

Apply Ice.

A blow to the lap could cause broken blood vessels, and a deep purple bruise may quickly begin to spread beneath the skin. Applying ice to those injuries within the first few moments of pain could keep the area from swelling and the pain from increasing. It's important to put a piece of cloth between the ice and the skin, however, as applying ice directly to the penis can lead to secondary injuries, including frostbite.

Visit a Doctor.

Traumatic injuries may begin to resolve with the help of ice, but men should still plan on visiting their doctors. Some lacerations need stitches, while others might require surgical corrections. Still others might need close monitoring, along with medications that could reduce clot formation. This is the kind of work that's best performed by a medical team in a sterile environment, and these interventions are best begun in the hours that follow an injury. Heading to the doctor right away could save a man both time and discomfort later on.

Try an Over-the-Counter Painkiller.

Once the medical exam is through, men may be sent home to nurse their wounds in private. Sometimes, the penis pain comes along with them, and the throbbing and pulsing can be intensely distracting. A mild, over-the-counter painkiller could provide intense relief here, as these medications can reduce swelling and numb the portions of the brain that respond to pain signals. As long as a doctor approves, a painkiller could be of great help to men on the mend.

Rest Up.

With ice, medical treatments and painkillers, men can feel well enough to engage in all sorts of activities, including:

  • Riding a bike
  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Having sex with a partner
  • Masturbating

Unfortunately, these are the same types of activities that can lead to further damage and more intense pain. In general, it's best to view the weeks that follow an injury as a time of rest and relaxation, where the lap is treated gingerly and delicately. No intense sex sessions, robust play or other activities should go on during this time. A doctor can provide specifics on how long convalescence should last, but in general, men should expect to take it slow as they heal and leave the acrobatics to the healthy.

Take Care .

Men who have been injured may feel fine in no time at all, but they may have damage below the surface that still needs to be addressed. Healing from a traumatic event can be quite taxing for skin cells, along with the veins, arteries and nerve cells that feed penile tissue. Boosting these tissues with vitamins can help them to return to their normal level of functioning, and a penis health creme could be a vital partner in this task. These products are designed to sink into the tissue without moving through the digestive tract first, and the ingredients are chosen specifically for the needs of intimate skin. Men who use these products (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be restored to robust cellular health, able to function beautifully regardless of their previous injury.

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