Penis Sensitivity Loss Yet another Reason to Kick the Smoking Habit

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    Oct 14, 2013
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Penis Sensitivity Loss Yet another Reason to Kick the Smoking Habit Photo by John Dugan

A ring of smoke, curling and swirling around a man's head, can look incredibly sexy on the big screen. In real life, however, that smoke may smell terrible, and without the aid of a makeup artist, a smoker might have sallow skin stained yellow with tar. In short, real-life smokers are not necessarily quite as attractive as they imagine. They may also have a little less fun in the bedroom, if they do manage to snag a date. That's because the damage smoking does to the body can lead to decreased penis sensitivity rates that only an intense penis health program might cure.

Cell and Nerve Death

Each time a smoker takes a drag on a tobacco-laced product, that smoke flies down the throat, into the lungs, and then into the bloodstream. From there, it's transported to each and every cell inside the body, and in most cases, these cells don't like smoke at all. To the body, tobacco-laced smoke is a toxin, and as a result, cells respond to the exposure by swelling up. White blood cells pour into the bloodstream, prepared to fend off invaders, and the blood begins to thicken.

Thick blood has an incredibly difficult journey to make, if the normal passageways are swollen. The space is just too tight and too narrow, and the blood might begin to move slowly as a result. As the blood slows down, it tends to clot, and these little clots can block off the very small blood vessels that are aligned on the outer edges of the penis.

Meanwhile, the nerve cells that transmit messages from the penis to the brain can starve, due to reduced blood flow and swollen surroundings, and they may allow some messages - such as signals of pleasure - to die before they're sent.

Hidden Damage

A smoker might not notice these subtle forms of damage in the early stages. In fact, the smoker might think that all is well and that nothing needs to change at all. But over time, the little bits of damage can accumulate, adding up to bigger problems that are harder to ignore.

A man might struggle to feel the tender caresses of a partner, and in masturbation sessions, only the harshest techniques might bring about a sense of release. Either activity might take much longer to complete, and while this might sound wonderful, marathon sessions can leave both a man and his partner feeling bruised and sore, and both sides might wonder what they're doing wrong.

Penis sensitivity loss like this can also make a man feel panicked, wondering what he's done to damage his body and worried that he'll never get back the kind of sensations and pleasures he once could access with ease. Worries like this could lead to yet more trouble in the bedroom, as men with chronic worries can struggle to get in the mood for sex.

Helping with Healing

The best way to recover from penis sensitivity loss due to smoking is also the most obvious: Men who smoke should stop. The body has a remarkable way of healing, when it's not exposed to smoke on a daily basis, so men who kick the habit may find that their sensations return in no time at all.

Quitting isn't easy, but some men find that they can manage the task by:

  • Utilizing a nicotine replacement product
  • Chewing gum or sucking on mints, to keep the mouth busy
  • Participating in an online support group for nicotine addiction
  • Steering clear of other smokers, at least in the early days of recovery

Attending to penis health might be a trickier matter, but a penis health creme may help. These products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) are applied topically, so they penetrate the skin of the penis and begin working almost immediately. The vitamins in these products are designed to support nerve cell health, while the emollients can allow toughened skin to soften. After a few weeks, skin is soft and responsive, and nerve cells have the tools they need to transmit messages with ease. Adding this tool to a comprehensive stop-smoking plan could allow a man to experience robust penis health in no time at all.

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