Any Penis Can Look Like a Million Bucks Heres How

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    Apr 02, 2014
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Any Penis Can Look Like a Million Bucks Heres How Photo by John Dugan

It's relatively easy to make the penis feel fabulous; a few strokes with the right amount of friction is usually enough to do the trick. It's harder to make the penis look amazing, especially for men who have a long history of uncooperative skin that is resistant to typical modes of penis care. Thankfully, a few simple steps performed each and every day can, in time, transform the skin down below from dull to vibrant. Here's how to get started.

Stay Hydrated

Tissues worthy of the word "vibrant" tend to be plump and luscious, not dry and cracked, and that means hydration is a key part of any penis care routine. Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, in addition to the liquids a guy downs with meals, should provide the entire body with the fluid it needs to plump the skin and ensure that those tissues glow with health. Drinking water like this might mean a guy spends a little more time in the bathroom, of course, but each trip might give him an opportunity to check on his beautification progress.

Avoid Skin Care Products Containing Alcohol

While hydration can keep the skin looking fresh and luscious, the products a man might use to keep the package smelling sweet could undo all of his hard work. That's because perfume-based products tend to contain alcohol, and this single ingredient can suck the moisture right out of the skin, leaving a desert of dry, cracked tissue behind. Cologne and other "intimate perfumes" are common offenders, but some body washes and liquid soaps also contain alcohol. These products should not come anywhere near the sensitive skin of the penis.

Tend to the Bush

While skin health is key to a pleasant penis, the hair that surrounds that area can make the tool look just a little primitive - not to mention smaller. While some men might tackle the problem with waxes and other harsh techniques, a dramatic response isn't really required. In fact, a simple trim with scissors can often provide a bush that doesn't steal precious inches from a man's length. If the hair spreads to the thighs, an electric razor can provide a quick buzz of a solution, but power tools like this should be kept far from the penis, as a sudden injury could result in pain, bleeding and even scarring.

Spend Up on Underwear

Ratty, worn-out underwear might not provide ideal support for a perfect penis, and it might not provide protection from the damage that gravity can deliver. When tissues are allowed to hang and dangle, day in and day out, they tend to bend to the will of gravity, and they develop:

  • Wrinkles
  • Folds
  • Signs of stretching
  • Asymmetrical components

Packing the package in supportive garments can keep the penis from injury, and that might allow the tool to keep its youthful shape and springiness, even when a man advances to middle age. The right kind of undergarment can also make the penis bulge in the right way as a man goes about his day.

Employ Vitamin Therapies

Robust health doesn't develop without the right mix of vitamins and minerals. The penis, for example, benefits from Vitamins E, A, and C, but it also needs specific compounds like L-arginine and alpha lipoic acid. These aren't ingredients that are commonly found in oral vitamin supplements, but they are part of a targeted penis health crème therapy. Well-designed products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) deliver all of the ingredients the penis needs to grow beautiful, stunning skin, and the tool can deliver and transmit signals of pleasure with speed. This topical treatment is also a joy to apply, and it leaves no cloying smell behind. For men in search of a million-dollar unit, it's a must-have component.

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