Penis Care -- 5 Tips for Optimal Health

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    Sep 09, 2014
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Penis Care -- 5 Tips for Optimal Health Photo by John Dugan

Men might not think of penis care as an art. Instead, they might think of it as a chore or an obligation. That's understandable, but in reality, taking care of this vital organ in a way that's both easy and helpful really does take a little bit of creativity. If it's done right, it could even start to resemble an art form.

Here are just a few tips that might be helpful for men who have current penis care techniques that fall short.

Wash Regularly

Life can get hectic, and some men get so busy with work, relationships and errands that they let good hygiene go by the wayside. Guys like this might only change their undergarments when things start to smell, and they might consider a scrub with a damp washcloth an adequate bath.

This kind of "care" is detrimental to the penis, as it allows colonies of bacteria to grow, thrive and take over. It's absolutely vital for men to hose down the area with warm water at least once per day, and they should apply clean clothes when that little rinse is through and the member is dry. This routine shouldn't take more than a few minutes every day, and it could spare a guy from major health issues later on.

Kick the Habit

While guys don't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol with the penis (unless they're really talented), harmful substances from these habits can work their way into the arteries that line a guy's tool. In time, that abuse can cause big problems. Men might not be able to get hard, or they might not feel anything when erect.

Quitting these substances is, therefore, a vital component of penis care. It's not always easy to quit, of course, and some men long for the days when they could smoke as much as they wanted while downing drink after drink. But men who get serious about protecting their health do see real results in terms of their penises, and that can make all the sacrifice worthwhile.

Walk Off the Weight

Just as alcohol and cigarettes can be bad for the penis, so can added weight. Each pound a man adds to his frame could lead to:

- A penis that looks shorter, because it's buried in fat

- Heart disease, which might make erections difficult

- General fatigue, which might make sex unpleasant or impossible

- Loss of self-esteem, which might make it hard for men to initiate sex

Any or all of these things could have a big impact on penis health, and walking is a quick and easy way to help excess pounds melt off so men can get back to the business of enjoying their bodies.

Steer Clear of Trauma

Penis care also involves injury prevention, and many guys need to take a close look at the dangers they face on a daily basis. Rough sex, masturbation without lubrication and even tight underwear can all cause penis injuries that don't resolve without the help of a doctor. But spending just a bit of time making sure the little guy is safe can make a big difference. Men who really want to keep things running smoothly don't take risks that could hurt them down the line.

Provide Vitamins and Minerals

Good nutrition is vital for the health of the penis. Men who load up on fruits, vegetables and lean meats supply their bodies with the things they need, and if they avoid chips and cookies, they can keep added pounds off, too.

But good nutrition means more than loading the plate with the right foods. Men could also benefit from a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to supplement their nutritious diets. These products nourish the skin and support cardiovascular health, meaning they may help a man keep things running for hours.

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