Penis Skin of a Different Color Whats Normal and Whats Not

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    Apr 09, 2013
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Penis Skin of a Different Color Whats Normal and Whats Not Photo by John Dugan

Men of all races and ages tend to be deeply concerned with the appearance of their penis skin. From childhood, guys have memorized every detail - veins, freckles, moles, spots, bumps, and so on. Among the many features that distinguish the package, penis color often stands out, as men measure their own equipment against how they imagine it should appear.

Unfortunately, this practice leaves a large number of men with insecurities and anxiety about what are generally perfectly normal anatomical variations. Dispelling the ideas about what is normal and what is not when it comes to penis color can help men to relax and enjoy what nature has provided. In addition, with the right approach to penis care, men can make the most of what they’ve got, leaving them with a healthy, responsive manhood.

What’s normal and what’s not when it comes to penis color?

- A multi-hued package: Normal. Very few, if any, men have a penis that is the same color as the rest of their skin. It may be lighter, darker, pinker, or any of a number of other arrangements of color. Men who are dark-skinned may find that the beginning of the shaft is darker, lightening to pink or tan towards the head; while lighter-skinned men may have a darker head. A large percentage of men have a two-toned penis, with distinctive bands of color. All of these variations are completely normal and harmless.

- Dark spots on the penis skin: It depends. A large number of men may have variations in pigmentation that leave darker patches, while the surrounding skin is lighter. A good rule of thumb: if it’s always been that way, leave it alone. On the other hand, spots or blemishes that appear and then change or don’t go away merit some attention from a dermatologist.

- Light/white splotches: Somewhat rare, but normal. Patches of skin that are very light or white, as though the skin has been splashed with bleach, are an indication of vitiligo. This is an autoimmune issue which affects the pigment of the skin, leaving some areas white. It is harmless, and it cannot be spread to a partner. Men who are affected should have no need for concern except as a cosmetic issue.

- Redness: It depends. Especially in lighter-skinned men, the penis may take on a red (or even deep purple) appearance when it is engorged with blood during an erection. On the other hand, a penis that is red, sore, raw, or chafed may have run into problems with irritation, a skin allergy, or an infection. If a red penis is accompanied by any bothersome symptoms, it is a good idea to get it checked out.

- Dark, purple or blue spreading bruises: Not normal. Bruising on the penis is an indication of injury to the underlying circulatory tissue. Bruising may be nothing to worry about - an unfortunate encounter with a zipper or a sharp blow may cause some surface bruising that will quickly fade. On the other hand, bruising that appears after sudden bending or curving could indicate an injury that requires medical attention.

Keeping it healthy and responsive

While men tend to notice their penis skin in great detail, the truth is that most potential partners are not likely to think anything of some variation in color or skin tone. On the other hand, a penis with red, raw-looking, flaky or puffy-looking skin is sure to set off warning bells - a penis that looks unhealthy is not something that a woman wants inside her.

To keep the skin looking and feeling its best, a little extra attention to skin care is warranted. Keeping it clean is the main issue, of course; bathing with a mild cleanser, washing away dead skin cells, and removing any built-up smegma under the foreskin is essential to maintaining a healthy package.

After cleansing, applying a high-quality penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamins A, C, and E, which have powerful skin healing and tissue-building properties, can help to keep the skin smooth and supple and promote the formation of healthy new tissue, as well as preventing minor skin damage that can detract from a healthy appearance.

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