Penis Bumps - 5 Excuses That Guys Use to Avoid the Doctor

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    Dec 17, 2013
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Penis Bumps - 5 Excuses That Guys Use to Avoid the Doctor Photo by John Dugan

The average penis is only a few inches long and less than an inch wide. It's easily tucked inside clothing and kept out of view, and often, it's not acceptable to discuss the organ in polite conversation. If the penis were measured in terms of psychic importance, however, it might stretch to gargantuan proportions. In fact, it might be safe to say that the penis is one of the most important parts of a man's life. That's why it's so surprising that the average guy stays out of the doctor's office, even when he is covered in penis bumps. Here are 5 of the common penis care excuses men cite when they're asked why they skip appointments that could help them.

1. "I'm Embarrassed."

Even though medical doctors have decades of education, and they've likely seen hundreds of schlongs during their years of work, it can be hard for men to think about dropping their drawers and exposing the trout to a visual examination. Shrinkage, odor or warty skin could all play a role in a man's sense of nervousness.

2. "I Don't Like to be Poked."

While many cases of penis bumps can be diagnosed with a simple peek at the skin, it's not uncommon for medical professionals to swab infected cells. In most cases, these tests are completely painless, but it can be terrifying for men to think about a professional homing in on such a sensitive area with a needle or some other type of sharp implement.

3. "The Power of the Internet Will Heal Me."

It's true that the Internet makes health education seem simple, as one search could bring back hundreds of thousands of hits about specific medical conditions. In an online forum, men could read about scores of penis bumps, and they might get the answers they need in order to feel better about their issues. Unfortunately, it's also common for men to search obsessively, asking the same question in multiple places, and they may not get the answers they want.

4. "I Like to Handle Things Myself."

Men with penis bumps might be willing to try all sorts of DIY techniques to soothe their skin, including:

  • Applying topical wart removal cream
  • Using cayenne pepper or some other heat-producing herb to burn away impacted tissues
  • Slathering the skin with pimple cream
  • Downing antibiotic pills

Sometimes, these techniques damage the skin to such a degree that a visit to the hospital is required.

5. "I'm Afraid of What the Doctor Will Say."

Many penis bumps are caused by simple problems that can be quickly and effectively managed with medications and at-home care. In some cases, however, these bumps and flecks come about due to more nefarious problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases. The mere idea of being diagnosed with a stigmatized problem like this can be so terrifying that it keeps men out of the office altogether.

Better Solutions

Obviously, rather than feeding into worry and obsessiveness, and perhaps doing more damage in the process, it's best for men to simply call the doctor and schedule an appointment for a thorough examination. This will help to definitively diagnose, once and for all, what might be at the root of the swellings and allow a man to heal.

In addition, caring for penile skin might help to ensure that some forms of bumps don't spring into life. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be vital in this fight. Products like this can nourish intimate skin, providing cells with the tools they need to fight back against inflammation. A well-designed creme can also help to keep penile skin soft and smooth, so it'll be less likely to swell to extremes when it's subjected to some type of abuse. Using a creme like this might not keep men out of the doctor's office for good, but they certainly could be a vital part of a reasonable bump-free game plan for a man's most important tool.

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