A Penis Health Routine for Every Man One Guy Shares How he Keeps His Boys in Shape

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    Jul 26, 2014
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A Penis Health Routine for Every Man One Guy Shares How he Keeps His Boys in Shape Photo by John Dugan

When's the last time a guy shared his intimate penis care secrets with his buddies? Chances are, that's the kind of conversation that never happens. Most men like to keep private things private, and that means they don't yap about bathroom or bedroom stuff. Period. But sometimes, learning more about how other people stay healthy is vital. That's why we asked this man (we'll call him Mike) to outline his penis health routine. Here's what he said.

Daily Cleansing

"I work out in the mornings, and things can get a little funky down there when I'm done," Mike says. "I take a shower every morning, and I always make sure to give the junk a good cleaning."

"I learned the hard way, though, that you don't use soap on your penis. Man, does that hurt! Instead, I actually keep a bottle of baby wash around and use that with warm water. When I wash it, I kinda rub my fingers around the skin," he says. "I also make sure to pull my foreskin back and rinse under there."

Mike reports that this routine has worked well for him, and he doesn't notice any unusual pain, scents or discharge. "It's how my dad taught me to clean up, and it works for him, too!" Mike says.

Intimate Matters

"I know a lot of guys get all crazy in the bedroom, but I'm not someone who likes to take risks," Mike says. "I never try out weird positions or skip the lube or do other nutso things I've seen people try in adult films. I just try to keep things simple. Why risk breaking something?"

Mike takes this same approach when he's spending time alone.

"Yes, like all guys, I masturbate. It happens, and I'm not ashamed of it. But I am always pretty careful that I don't do damage that will harm me down the line. I never go for dry rubs, for example, and I always limit my time so I'm not whanging away for hours," he says. "That's the kind of thing that I did when I was a teenager, and I learned my lesson. That stuff hurts. Now, I just focus on getting off while being healthy."

Regular Visits

While Mike's lifestyle keeps him fairly safe, he does have a doctor that he sees on a regular basis, and he's quick to schedule an appointment if something seems unusual or painful.

"I go in every year for my physical, and while I don't love these appointments, I know they're an important part of staying healthy. I always go," he says. "That works out well for me, too, because I have a good relationship with my doctor. When something new is going on, I can get appointments quicker and I have to spend less time explaining changes. My doctor knows me, so we're sorta like partners."

Focus on Prevention

"Prevention is a big thing for me, since I really hate having something go wrong down there," Mike says. "My friends make fun of me, because I'm always carrying water with me everywhere I go, but I know that staying hydrated can help me stay healthier. I also take quite a few vitamins every day, particularly ones that I know are good for skin health. Yes, it seems dorky, but it works for me."

While oral vitamins like this might be great for health-conscious men like Mike, a penis health crème can also be a good choice. These products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) are made to sink right into penile tissues, delivering nutrition in mere seconds. Regular use could keep skin, nerves and blood vessels healthier, and that could be a real boon for men like Mike.

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