Sore Penis Excuses - How to Say No When the Equipment Needs Healing

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    Jul 31, 2014
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Sore Penis Excuses - How to Say No When the Equipment Needs Healing Photo by John Dugan

Even with a sore penis, most men are reluctant to turn down a chance for some stimulation; making excuses in these situations is something most men like to avoid. But the fact is that sometimes - rarely, but sometimes - proper penis care demands that a guy say no to an invitation to exercise his member in order to give it appropriate time to heal.

When to say no.

There are probably men reading this who are thinking that they would never in a million years say no to an opportunity for their manhood to get a vigorous workout, sore penis or not. In fact, there are times when it is not only advisable but crucial that a man make excuses and forego a little sexual invigoration. For example:

- After a vasectomy. Men who take the step of snipping the tubes as their preferred form of birth control need to wait about a week or so after the operation is performed before having sex, either partner-based or solo. After that time, they also need to remember that it takes some 15-20 ejaculations to clear the tubes of any lingering semen, so protection is still necessary. Engaging in sexual activity too soon after the procedure runs the risk of affecting the stitches.

- After other types of penis surgery. Surgical procedures on the penis or testicles also usually require a waiting period post-surgery; the amount of time depends on several factors. A doctor will advise the amount of rest time needed.

- When dealing with infections. Often, when dealing with an STI or other groin-based infection, it's necessary to wait until given an "all clear" by the doctor before engaging in sex in order to prevent spread of the infection.

- When simply too sore. Sometimes a guy has had so much sex that he has obtained a really sore penis; other times he may have sustained an injury such as a baseball to the groin that makes delaying sex advisable.

What to say.

Every guy will have his own idea of what to say, based on how he feels about talking the issue, who he's talking to, what the circumstances are leading up to the conversation, etc. The exact wording he chooses will vary, but here are some basic general choices he can consider.

- Be honest. He can come right out with it and tell the interested party why he can't have sex with her/him tonight. For many men, this is the best option, even if the reason - such as "I'm waiting for my STI to go away"- may be embarrassing.

- Be mysterious. The man can simply smile and say something about the best things in life are worth waiting for, rather than saying "Sorry - just had surgery to make my member a true monster."

- Be "disciplined." A guy can imply - or come right out and say - that he has sex so often that he really needs to skip tonight. This may make the potential partner think he's a hot stud muffin - or alternatively, that he's a bit of a male slut.

- Be inconvenienced. With this, the dude lets the other person know that matters are out of his hands - "I promised to drive my buddy home," for example.

Whatever excuse a man uses, he needs to work to get his sore penis back in good shape. One of the best ways to help heal a sore penis is through the use of a soothing penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Overuse of the penis calls for a cream that provides nourishment in the form of a high end emollient (shea butter is perfect for this), with extra moisturizing provided by vitamin E, a great natural hydrator. If dry penis skin is part of the problem, these ingredients will also address that problem. In addition, make sure that the selected cream is loaded with other important nutrients, including L-arginine. This enzyme helps in the process through which penis blood vessels are maintained and kept open for better blood flow.

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