Orgasm Myths and Facts - All about La Petite Mort

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    Feb 09, 2014
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Orgasm Myths and Facts - All about La Petite Mort Photo by John Dugan

Le petite mort, the French term for the little death, is a commonly used euphemism for an orgasm. The orgasm purportedly gets this colorful description because at the time of climax, the body reaches a point of no return in which all control is lost and one cannot stop the reaction if they tried - it is often likened to a state of alert unconsciousness. Additionally, there have been reports of some people blacking out just after orgasm - that certainly makes for a memorable sexual experience! Brush up on knowledge of orgasms with these facts and fallacies and learn how to keep the penis healthy for the ultimate sexual experience.

Fact - Orgasms can relieve headaches: Believe it or not, orgasms release the chemical oxytocin, which induces relaxation and can temporarily relieve pain - including headaches. So much for the old not tonight because of a headache excuse!

Myth - Condoms hinder or ruin orgasms : Sorry guys, this holds no water. Neither men - nor women - experience a different quality of orgasm because of condoms. In fact, it may make orgasms come easier because neither person is worried about "pulling out" or accidental pregnancies or infections. So there is no excuse not to protect oneself by wrapping it up during sex!

Fact - Orgasms get better with age: This could be one benefit of ticking off another year on the calendar - especially for women. Not only does one become more aware of what they enjoy sexually as they age; they also gain confidence in their body and sexuality, which often equates to a better sexual experience.

Myth- Most women reach orgasm through intercourse alone: Actually, only about 1/3 of women regularly reach orgasm through penetration alone. The majority of women need penetration with clitoral stimulation to hit the high notes, and a good number can only climax from manual or oral stimulation - no penetration at all.

Fact - Stimulating the "G-spot" is a good way help a woman reach orgasm: While there has long been speculation over the existence of the G-spot, many women don’t need a scientist to tell them it feels good. To locate the G-spot, feel the upper wall of the vagina about 2 inches up, the sweet spot will feel slightly rougher in comparison to the smooth area surrounding it.

Myth - If a woman can’t achieve orgasm, it means her partner is bad in the bedroom: While a man who is not making a good effort to contribute to the cause may carry some of the blame, part of the responsibility is also on the woman to express what she wants or needs in the bedroom. Additionally, if the woman is unable to relax and be present during the sexual experience, she will have a hard time getting there, no matter what her partner does. That being said, a more attentive lover will likely be more successful with the ladies.

Priming the Penis for Success

To give a man the best chance of hitting the big O, he needs to keep the penis healthy and primed for sex at all times. In order to best do that, he needs to protect it and keep up good hygiene. Nothing shuts down a man’s sex life faster than a sexually transmitted infection outbreak, a weird pimple, of a painful bump on the junk. To avoid these unfortunate conditions, a man should use a condom all the time, as it is the best barrier against infection. To avoid penis pimples and other bumps on the junk, a man should wash his penis daily with soap and water and follow his shower up with an application of penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A cream that is formulated with vitamin A fights bacteria that can cause pimples, bumps and other unpleasant conditions, leaving the skin soft, smooth and attractive.

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