Five Masturbation Mistakes Guys Dont Know they Are Making

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    Feb 28, 2014
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Five Masturbation Mistakes Guys Dont Know they Are Making Photo by John Dugan

A mistake made during sex could leave a partner unsatisfied, unhappy or even unhealthy; that's why thousands of how-to manuals have been written regarding sex, and why hundreds of thousands of men have their noses buried in these books on a daily basis. But there have been few such guides written about masturbation, and as a result, the average guy makes a staggering number of mistakes that could damage the penile tissue and lead to long-term issues with penis health. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes made by fappers everywhere.

1. Skipping the Lube

A tube of lube is neither an attractive accessory nor easily portable. As a result, few guys keep this vital product on hand throughout the day, and when they feel the need to do a little intimate touching, they may do so with bare skin in contact with bare skin. This kind of behavior can result in:

  • Tears and abrasions of the skin
  • Friction burns
  • Calluses
  • Redness
  • Pain

A water-based lube is best for masturbation, as these products are both slick and sticky, so they don't break down during furious hand movements. But in a pinch, lotion can do the trick. Anything is better than skin-to-skin contact, as long as it does not contain chemical additives or alcohol that can cause burns or irritation to the delicate skin.

2. Twisting and Turning

The penis is made to respond to simple up-and-down movements, but many guys find that adding a flick of the wrist or a jut of the elbow amps up the fun factor and makes bliss arrive much quicker. Unfortunately, these movements are also associated with skin tears, scar tissue and out-and-out ruptures in the cells of the penis. It's not a clever technique for guys who want to keep the penis healthy and responsive to more subtle touches.

3. Using the Same Hand

Using the same hand every time may be more efficient, as most guys develop a sense of what works quickly and tend to stick with a tried-and-true technique. On the other hand, doing it the same way every time can lead to two inconvenient problems. First, the nerves of the penis become so attuned to a single technique that they no longer respond to other forms of stimulation, especially when a partner comes into the mix. Second, the nerve pathways become bored, in essence, and over time the penis may no longer respond at all. Switching hands from time to time, or finding new methods of stimulation, may help to eliminate this problem, sometimes referred to as "death grip syndrome."

4. Thrusting Downward

Men who want to skip hand-based action may find bliss by lying down on a pile of soft blankets or a tower of pillows while they thrust downward with their hips. This simulation of sex can be remarkably pleasurable, but sometimes, the receptacles for the thrusts shift and flatten, and the next movement downward could place an erect penis in direct contact with an immovable object, like the floor or the mattress. Sudden moves like this can result in penis breaks, but ongoing masturbation like this can also lead to the buildup of plaque, or scarring, on the erectile tissue. Fabrics just aren't as giving as the delicate penile skin, so thrusting the penis into them means scraping off skin cells with each stroke.

5. Skipping the Reward

Almost any kind of masturbation activity is going to involve thrusting, pulling and squeezing. That's really the only way to bring about the pleasure that so many people desire. Being careful in the moment can help, but lavishing a little TLC on the penis when the fun is through could also help to ensure that serious damage doesn't take hold. A warm-water rinse could help to wash away any lotions and lubes a man used during his time of bliss, and when the skin is clean and dry, an application of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is an excellent final step. These products can soften skin abraded by wanking, and the vitamins included in these products can keep nerve tissues firing on all cylinders. A penis that's put away nourished might be more ready to rise later, and a penis health crème can help make that happen.

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