Sexual Satisfaction: Decoding a Partners Perceptions

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    Apr 28, 2013
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Sexual Satisfaction: Decoding a Partners Perceptions Photo by John Dugan

Are there ways to tell if one’s partner is sexually satisfied?

In a word, yes. The easiest way to tell if one’s partner is sexually satisfied is to ask. Unfortunately, bashfulness and fear of hearing the wrong answer prohibits most men from taking the leap and just asking their partner. However, if the conversation took place, most men would probably be surprised to know that she is probably concerned about the same thing. While men are worrying about their length, girth and overall skills in the sack; women are worried about their thighs, breasts and whether they remembered to shave their legs. Bottom line is: both sexes have insecurities when it comes to getting it on. While a man can’t change the equipment he was born with, proper maintenance and penis care can keep things under the hood running smoothly, so a man is always putting his best foot forward.

Common Male Insecurities

Men tend to be most concerned with their equipment. Is it long enough? Wide enough? Does it look like everyone else’s? Will she notice that little hook on the end? Should the area be kept shaved, trimmed or au natural? However, the fact of the matter is, most women are perfectly happy with the size, shape and - believe it or not - smell of the penis. Chalk that one up to male pheromones - unless a guy skips a post-work out shower, most women are attracted to the natural scent of their man.

It’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean has become a sort of catch phrase about penis size, and it is true. A woman would much rather be with a man who is less endowed but who knows how to work it, than be with a man with a huge Johnson who just shows up. Having a few key moves in the bedroom, and executing them flawlessly, is sure to blow her mind and impress her regardless of one’s stature.

Common Female Insecurities

Women, on the other hand, tend to be concerned about the way their bodies appear. Are they sexy enough? Do their breasts look perky enough? Does this lighting give them weird shadows across their face? Believe it or not, some women choose - or avoid - sexual positions based on how they feel their body will look in such a position. For instance, women who are insecure about their "muffin top" may avoid positions where they are on top. While sexy lingerie or the like may be "eye candy" for men, they certainly are paying more attention to what they are feeling than to what their partner’s hair looks like!

Relax, it’s Just Sex

So the bottom line -- it would seem -- is that everybody has some sort of a sexual hang up. These tend to be more common at the start of a new sexual relationship, when everybody is feeling vulnerable and wanting to connect with the new partner; but they can just as easily be present in a 30-year long marriage. The best solution is just to talk about it with one another. Worrying about one’s sexual performance - or the satisfaction of the other person - is actually more likely to cause performance issues as one gets lost in one’s head. Performance anxiety can actually lead to sexual dysfunction, and that is something nobody wants to worry about. So rather than worry that she isn’t enjoying herself, just ask. Or at the very least, rest assured that she is worried about the very same thing!

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