Penis Health Essentials Dos and Donts for Healthy Penis Skin

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    Apr 01, 2013
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Penis Health Essentials Dos and Donts for Healthy Penis Skin Photo by John Dugan

While it is commonly assumed that men spend little time thinking about skin care in general, and penis care in particular, a glance at the men’s health forums will quickly make it clear that this actually untrue. Men care a great deal about the condition of their penis, both in terms of function and appearance, and penis skin health is certainly on most men’s radar - with good reason.

The skin is one of the most important organs, and the way it looks and feels says a lot about a man’s health and ability to perform. The role of the penis skin is described here, as well as some tips for preventing problems and maintaining a healthy penis.

The skin - the body’s first line of defense

The saying goes that beauty is only skin deep, but in reality, the skin is more than just attractive packaging. It is the body’s first line of defense against outside invaders such as bacteria that can cause illness and even damage internal organs. The skin also regulates body temperature, and it is traced with an intricate network of nerves that are responsible for detecting pressure, heat and cold - a function which helps protect the penis and let its owner know when something is wrong. Perhaps most importantly, it works with the nerves to deliver pleasurable sensations to the brain, letting it know when an erection is needed and allowing men to enjoy sex.

Penis skin care Do’s and Don’ts

Given the importance of the penis skin, caring for it properly should be a number one priority. Neglecting penis health can increase the risk for infection, injury and loss of function, not to mention an unattractive appearance. The following "Do’s and Don’ts" describe some of the most important aspects of looking after the family jewels.

DO: Wash every day

Even men who are diligent about their hygiene can experience problems with unpleasant odors from the undercarriage, and letting days go by without a shower or at least a wipe with a washcloth can result in a buildup of dead skin cells, oils and other excretions that serve as an open invitation for bacteria. Failing to clean the area can lead not only to the signature fishy smell of the penis, but also to irritation, pain, itching and swelling.

DON’T: Use ordinary soap

While a daily wash is essential, using regular soaps can actually cause drying and cracking of the skin, leaving plenty of openings for unfriendly bacteria to penetrate and wreak their havoc. A mild cleanser intended for delicate, sensitive skin is a better bet when it comes to male hygiene.

DO: Eat right

The diet affects the body in a multitude of ways. When it comes to the penis, getting the right nutrients can make all the difference in the look and feel of the skin, as well as the condition of the underlying tissue. A healthy sex life depends greatly on eating healthy, including lots of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and heart-healthy fats.

DON’T: Smoke

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but it is worth drilling this point home when it comes to the health and well-being of the male anatomy. Smoking damages the nerves, blood vessels, and skin, leaving men less sensitive and less able to perform. In addition, smoking tobacco saps the energy, leaving men with little in the way of stamina even if they can get it up.

DO: Use a penis health creme.

Ordinary moisturizers and oils may help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dry, cracked, irritated skin. However, most do not contain a comprehensive set of ingredients necessary for penis skin health. In addition, many body lotions contain fragrances and other chemicals that are intended to make them more pleasant, yet can actually cause irritation Using a penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamins that target penis health can help to ensure that these nutrients are delivered right where they are needed, without leaving a greasy residue or heavy, un-manly perfumes.

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