Natural Sexual Function Boosters 3 Reasons to Leave the Lights On

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    Apr 27, 2013
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Natural Sexual Function Boosters 3 Reasons to Leave the Lights On Photo by John Dugan

While doing it in the dark may seem more natural to some, the reality is that groping around without the light on can lead to some seriously awkward moments that can easily disrupt the natural progression of activity. On the other hand, a romantically-lit encounter can actually increase the sensuality of the experience, not to mention contributing to a man’s sexual function by catering to the senses. With the right lighting for the mood and a little attention to penis health, men can be prepared to make the most of the next opportunity in the bedroom.

Why men should keep the lights turned up during a romantic encounter

1. Ambience. Leaving the lights on low during a session in the bedroom -or better yet, lighting some candles - can create a soft, romantic mood that leaves a couple feeling like they are in their own little world. Adding some music to the mix can enhance this sensation even more. This focus on each other and on the matter at hand can help men to feel more "in the moment" and forget about outside distractions that might put a damper on his performance and lead to a bedroom malfunction.

2. Visual stimulation. In addition to boosting the ambience in the room, keeping the lights on allows the visual aspect of sexual stimulation to work. A large part of arousal has to do with what people see, and seeing a partner’s body can be an immense turn-on. Whether or not either member of a couple is in perfect physical condition has little to do with this; an intimate view of the other’s body parts, not to mention their expression while in the throes of ecstasy, are highly erotic and satisfying.

3. Safety. Aside from the romantic aspect of keeping a soft light on the subject, getting it on with the lights on can have very practical benefits. A view of the proceedings can prevent minor injuries like unintentional head-butts, elbows in the eye, or an accident with a zipper that can put an immediate end to the encounter and leave a guy in shock and pain.

In addition, seeing what lies ahead can help reduce the chances of a man jamming his equipment against a pelvic bone when he misses the target during an especially vigorous thrust. While blunt force trauma to the penis can certainly cause immediate pain, not to mention bruising, such injuries can actually cause bigger problems down the road. Whether or not the penile tissues actually rupture in such a case, the stress to the inner connective tissue can lead to scarring, which can in turn cause unnatural and painful bending and curving of the penis.

Prepping the package

While keeping the lights on can lead to a better sexual experience for both partners, many men are daunted by the idea of their partner seeing them in their natural splendor, especially for the first time. Every little mole, pimple, pore and scar can seem like a monstrous blemish to anyone who is hoping to make a good impression.

In most cases, a partner will not even notice the little things, and if they do, they are unlikely to care. However, it is worth doing one’s best to keep the penis looking and feeling its best to be ready for action any time the opportunity presents itself.

Good hygiene is of utmost importance, as a smelly penis or one that has a cheesy buildup of dead skin cells and body fluids is hardly a turn-on. Trimming the surrounding hair is also a good way to keep things looking neat and trim, as well as further reducing the chances of unpleasant odors. Smooth, supple penis skin is the most appealing, so applying a high-quality penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vital nutrients and skin-enhancing emollients can help men to maintain a supple-looking, responsive package.

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