Masturbation Techniques - How Self-Love Can be Good - or Bad - for a Relationship

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    Sep 05, 2013
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Masturbation Techniques - How Self-Love Can be Good - or Bad - for a Relationship Photo by John Dugan

There are countless slang terms out there to refer to various masturbation techniques. Whether a guy prefers to jerk off, choke the chicken, wank off or spank the monkey, it all means the same thing: to masturbate. Often quicker than sex and almost always a sure thing, most men begin masturbating in their early teens. In fact, for many men, it becomes part of the daily routine. For others, however, it begs the question: "Does masturbation interfere with one’s relationship?" There are two opposing schools of thought on this question, and whichever point of view a man believes in, one thing is for sure - a man needs a healthy penis that is raring to go for both solo acts and duets, depending on what the moment calls for.

Masturbation and the Committed Relationship

When it comes to being in a relationship, some men throw masturbation out the window and prefer to hold out for the real thing whenever possible. In fact, some couples abide by a "no solo sex rule" for either side, perhaps thinking that it is better to scratch that itch as a couple and stay connected in the bedroom, rather than take care of one’s needs without their partner. On the other hand, there are men and women who feel that masturbation is just another extension of a healthy sex life and that there is no need to curb that urge, regardless of being in a committed relationship. There are certainly arguments to be made for each side, but no matter what the decision is, the best outcome is going to happen when both parties agree on what works best for them in terms of their sex life.

Why Masturbating Can Improve One’s Sex Life

Interestingly enough, get frisky alone can actually improve things between the sheets when it comes time to get it on together. Both men and women can learn more about what they like in bed by experimenting with masturbation. If an individual knows exactly what they like - and is able to communicate it to his or her partner -fireworks can happen in no time by giving their partner a guided tour of their business. Furthermore, masturbating can be especially useful for men struggling with premature ejaculation. As a man becomes more familiar with what the lead-up to the Big O feels like, he can learn how to tailor his actions before the point of no return happens, thereby helping him to last longer when he is with a partner. Likewise, women who struggle with female orgasmic disorder can use masturbation to learn where and how to touch or be touched so that they can achieve orgasm with their partner.

Why Certain Masturbation Techniques Can Hinder One’s Sex Life

As always, there are two sides to every coin. Masturbation can be taken too far, which can eventually hinder the sexual relationship. When a man is masturbating, he may perform actions on himself - such as excessive speed or pressure - that cannot be simulated by his partner or by sex in its most pure form. He may, therefore, become desensitized or even unable to orgasm by traditional sexual measures, which could in turn reduce the amount of sex he is having with his partner. Likewise, a female who relies on a vibrator may derive less pleasure from sex with her partner as the vibrator provides a sensation that cannot be replicated by her partner alone. The moral of the story, perhaps, is not to rely on one single type of sexual gratification, as it may impact one’s ability to enjoy other forms of pleasure.

Why a Healthy Penis is Important

Regardless of whether a man is engaging in batting practice or hoping to hit a homerun for the team, one thing is always needed: a healthy penis. Over time, the penis can sustain a certain amount of nerve damage. Aggressive sex and masturbation can lead to injury of the peripheral penis nerves, which eventually leads to desensitization and a reduction of penile sensitivity. Using a daily penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing acetyl L carnitine can protect the penis from nerve damage and assist in restoring that sensitivity, making sex in any form that much better.

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