A Good-looking Penis is at a Mans Fingertips in Just 4 Simple Steps

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    Dec 04, 2013
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A Good-looking Penis is at a Mans Fingertips in Just 4 Simple Steps Photo by John Dugan

Ancient sculptors thought the penis was a thing of beauty. That's the only way to explain the hundreds of thousands of organs that dangle from sculptures in the hallways of famous museums. While these artists may have thought they were creating realistic images of male beauty, the bits they created have little to do with reality, as there are no wormy, stringy veins or dry, discolored patches on these marble wonders. Most are as smooth as silk.

But there's no need for a modern man to develop sculpture envy or keep his tool under wraps. In fact, men who dedicate a few minutes each day to the penis care techniques described below might be rewarded with a smooth, silky shaft worthy of a work of art.

1. Ditch the Fast and Furious

Blood is transported to the pelvic region through a series of very delicate veins and capillaries. While these vessels are designed to endure a significant amount of abuse, rubbing skin on skin can cause tiny little ruptures that might allow blood to seep out. In time, scars may form, and that might allow these veins to expand and bulge, creating the appearance of enlarged capillaries or spider veins.

Taking self-play slowly, while using an adequate amount of lubricant, can reduce the risk of developing protruding blood vessels that lend an unsightly appearance to the penile skin.

2. Clean Carefully

Gunk that collects on and around penile skin can lead to infections, and when the immune system is involved, inflammation quickly follows. In no time at all, a man's package changes from smooth and silky to red and blotchy, and healing can leave some pockets of rough and discolored skin behind.

A daily rinse with warm water, accompanied by a gentle scrub of the fingertips, can allow bacteria to detach from the skin and flow down the drain. It's a remarkable way to prevent an infection from beginning, and it takes no time at all to complete.

3. Support Cell Health

Blotchy skin and broken capillaries can heal, as long as the body has the necessary tools. Essential vitamins and minerals, when it comes to penile health, include:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C

Unfortunately, popping multivitamins might not do the trick when it comes to cardiovascular health, as studies seem to suggest that the body doesn't metabolize these elements efficiently when they're delivered in supplement form. Instead, most experts recommend loading the plate with fruits and vegetables, along with healthy sized servings of fish, whole grains and fat-free dairy products.

This kind of diet may not improve the look of the penis immediately, as the nutrients have a long way to go before they visit a man's reproductive system, but eating in this manner can boost the ability of all cells to heal, and that might have an impact on the way a man's tool both looks and feels.

4. Go to the Source

Eating right, cleaning well and changing intimate habits can all improve the appearance of the penis, but all of these techniques take time to deliver results. In fact, some methods might take weeks or even months to make a difference in terms of a guy's appearance. For those who don't want to wait quite so long, a penis health creme may be a viable option.

These products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) deliver nutrition and emollient support right where the damage is taking place. They penetrate the skin in mere minutes, and they infuse the area with the vitamins and smoothing particles damaged cells need. In no time at all, discolored patches may fade and swollen veins and capillaries may shrink down to their proper size. With regular applications, a man may develop the sculpted, museum-quality tool he's always wanted.

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