Loss of Penis Feeling Top Causes and Risk Factors

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    Feb 23, 2013
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Loss of Penis Feeling Top Causes and Risk Factors Photo by John Dugan

Loss of penis feeling can have a profound effect on a man’s life - it is quite common to hear from men who have experienced a drop in penile sensation that is enough to prevent them from enjoying healthy and satisfying sexual encounters. Men who are affected by this problem - and there are many - may lose confidence in their own virility and feel a sense of hopelessness at the idea that they may never be able to enjoy sexual pleasure again.

The good news is that lack of penis sensation is not always a lost cause. A number of health and lifestyle factors can affect sensation, and addressing these may restore penis health and responsiveness to tactile stimulation.

Stressed, dry penis skin

While the penis is fairly resilient, constant stress due to vigorous masturbation, not to mention exposure to latex, spermicides, body fluids, and even rough clothing, can trigger the skin’s natural defenses. The outer dermal layers tend to respond to friction damage by forming a thicker layer of keratinized tissue, which serves as a sort of armor to protect the underlying tissue, but also effectively deadens penis sensation to a certain extent.

Moisturizing the penis skin regularly and using a personal lubricant can help to alleviate this issue; practicing soft touch, rather than yanking away at the equipment, may also allow the skin to heal while providing a new range of pleasurable sensations.

Circulatory Issues

Reduced blood flow to the area can have a negative effect on penis sensation, as the nerve cells become deprived of oxygen and no longer function normally. Cardiovascular problems, damage to circulatory tissue from diabetes, being overweight, and riding a horse or bicycle on a regular basis can all restrict blood flow to the area. Smoking tobacco can also severely affect penis sensation, as it is a major factor in the destruction of penile circulatory tissue. In fact, simply wearing clothing that is too tight might result in a drop in penis sensitivity.

Improving heart health, quitting smoking, and wearing non-restrictive clothing, not to mention losing weight, can contribute to increased penis sensation.

Nerve damage

Damage to the neural tissue, both in the penis and elsewhere in the body, can disrupt the chain of communication between the brain and penis nerve cells that is responsible for pleasurable sensation. Diabetic neuropathy is a leading cause of penile nerve damage. Surgery of the prostate or penis can also damage delicate nerve tissue, while spinal injuries can also interrupt the transfer of sensory information.

Prostate problems

Men with prostate issues such as prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostatitis (an inflammatory condition) may experience a drop in penis sensation due to the pressure placed on the penile nerves by a swollen or enlarged prostate gland. Supporting prostate health and having regular physical exams, especially after the age of 40, is suggested in order to detect problems in their early stages and address them before they can become a factor in sexual health.

Supporting a healthy & responsive penis

While not all instances of reduced penis sensation can be prevented, men can take some steps to ensure that their penis is as healthy and receptive to stimulation as possible. In the first place, avoiding or eliminating the potential causes of lost penis sensation is essential. Keeping body weight to a reasonable level, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and using a personal lubricant for masturbation and sex are all part of a healthy penis regiment. Wearing non-restrictive clothing can also promote adequate circulation, a major factor in penis sensation.

Many men also find that applying a specially formulated penis nutrient cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, energy-boosting amino acids and natural emollients can restore youthful penis skin and increase penis sensitivity. Even men with diabetic neuropathy have reported some restoration of sensation after using a high-quality penis health cream.

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