The Healthy Penis and Naked Yoga

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    Sep 05, 2014
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The Healthy Penis and Naked Yoga Photo by John Dugan

Practicing yoga is an excellent way to exercise both the mind and the body (and many would say the soul as well) and, as such, can help maintain a healthy penis. Recently, naked yoga has become more popular in some areas, and it is quite possible that some who have not been drawn to the practice of yoga previously may find their interest (among other things) aroused by this style of yoga. Anything that enhances proper general and penis health is to be encouraged; however, potential practitioners should do some research before attending a naked yoga class.


Yoga is an ancient practice that gains its name from the idea of "yoking together" the mind and the body. It is a wide-ranging term that encompasses many different practices and disciplines, but in general use today it refers to a series of poses and positions that are employed as a way of transforming the mental and physical attributes of an individual.

In practice, yoga classes tend to emphasize holding and releasing certain physical positions and moving from one position to another. Concentration, balance, strength and energy are called upon during the course of a typical yoga class.

Not New

Although there has been a recent resurgence of interest in naked yoga, the concept is hardly a new one. America in the 1960s first experienced a rush of naked yoga classes in response to the loosening of social structures; however, unclothed yoga has been practiced in various societies dating back hundreds of years.


Naked yoga classes can be held in any form. However, it is more typical for a naked yoga class to be men-only or co-ed; female-only classes are less common (at least in the United States). Participation in a naked yoga class can help one to overcome negative feelings about nudity, whether those feelings are toward one’s own nakedness or that of others, and can be an aid in getting more comfortable with one's personal body type.

Not About Sex

Although there certainly may be exceptions, most naked yoga classes are not about the performance of sexual activities. Just as with nudist activities, it is intended to be a celebration of the naked body but not an invitation to engage in sex, either partner-based or solo.

This does not mean, however, that the penis is ignored in naked yoga. Particularly in men-only naked yoga classes, the penis is discussed and information is given related to specific energies that may be radiating through the organ. In some partner-based exercises, there may be physical contact with the penis.

Again, the practice of sex during naked yoga is officially discouraged; men who decided to drop in on a naked yoga class purely for sexual thrills may be told to leave the class. It is quite likely, of course, that there are some individual studios that do not dissuade participants from indulging in erotic activities during naked yoga; however, a man who wishes to experience a class solely for this purpose would be well-advised to make sure that such activities are allowed before attending a class.

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