Penis Health Products A Buyers Guide

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    Oct 07, 2013
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Penis Health Products A Buyers Guide Photo by John Dugan

Shopping for a product like orange juice is relatively easy. After making one or two key decisions involving ingredients and taste, a shopper can waltz out of the store with a tasty drink that meshes perfectly with his or her favorite vodka. Shopping for intimate products, on the other hand, can be quite difficult for some men. There are far too many options to consider when it comes to products that can boost penis health, and some men might not know how to differentiate one option from another. This buyer's guide may help, as it details the attributes of penis health products that are ideal for any man.

Sensitivity Concerns

Penile skin is relatively sheltered, as it's sequestered within a fabric sheath for the majority of each and every day. As a result, this skin can be a little fragile and apt to burst into itchy rashes when exposed to harsh chemicals or intense perfumes. There's no need to look for products marked "hypoallergenic," but harsh fragrances should be avoided. Also, obviously, the products shouldn't contain gritty bits that could scour sensitive skin.

Good choices will do more than eliminate the risk of damage, as they'll contain ingredients that can actually improve the health of skin. Typically, emollients like Shea butter and Vitamin E will appear in the ingredient list, along with other vitamins that can nourish skin cells back to good health.

Absorption Rate

Products designed for intimate health are typically applied topically, meaning that a man is expected to slather on these products before he puts on any form of clothing. While most men are accustomed to handling the package on a regular basis, and they might even be acquainted with certain tugging and pulling hand motions, these aren't the sorts of movements that tend to result in robust penis health. In fact, a man who hops out of the shower and is expected to work a thick lotion into uncooperative skin might develop:

  • Chafing sores
  • Rashes
  • Spots of tenderness
  • Lingering pain

When the product just won't absorb, a slick, oil-based spot might also begin to spread in the front of a man's pants as the day progresses. That stain might be hard to explain.

Online shoppers might find it hard to measure the absorption rate of the products they're preparing to buy, but reading online reviews could be helpful. Those who do have a sample on hand can spread a few drops between the fingers and measure how quickly the liquid seems to disappear. Those products that seem to fade away with speed might be better choices, as they're less likely to cause problems during the application process.

Natural Ingredients

Ingredient lists packed with words a man has never heard of might contain elements dermatologists consider benign. That same list might also contain a few traces of substances a man might never consider putting on his most important body part, if he only knew what the element could do.

If the product a man is pondering contains dozens of ingredients he can't identify, and the manufacturer doesn't help by providing an explanation for those substances, this is a product that's better left on the store shelf. Products that have shorter ingredient lists with fewer words that seem foreign might be a safer bet.

Specific Design

Multi-purpose products claim to improve health while providing lubrication for intimate acts. Boosting efficiency isn't a great idea, however, as all-in-one products may not provide the right mix of ingredients a man's body really needs. These products also tend to be slick, rather than penetrating, so they can't really delve into skin cells and enforce real changes.

A penis health creme, on the other head, is specifically designed to support the health and vitality of a man's intimate parts. Quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contain the right mix of elements that can keep a man healthy, in the place that matters most.

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