Foreskin Pain and Swelling Treating and Preventing Balanitis

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    Sep 28, 2013
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Foreskin Pain and Swelling Treating and Preventing Balanitis Photo by John Dugan

Throbbing, aching and swelling in the foreskin can strike fear into the hearts of men, leaving them worried that a recent unprotected encounter has left them with an unwelcome souvenir. While this could be a real penis health concern, other conditions may cause similar symptoms. For instance, uncircumcised men may develop a condition known as Balanitis. While painful, this issue is easily treatable if men follow some simple rules for penis hygiene and care.

What Is It?

Balanitis is a fancy word that describes a nasty condition involving foreskin pain. It is most often found in men who have not been circumcised, and they might notice the problem when they attempt to retract the sheath of skin that covers the head of the penis. That little tug might cause a sickening wave of pain, along with a distinctive odor that has often been described as fishy, fetid, buttery or cheesy.

The head of the penis might also be red and itchy, and a chunky, white discharge might be visible underneath the foreskin.

What Causes It?

The tight wrapper of the foreskin is designed to protect the sensitive head of the penis from the outside world, as well as acting as a natural lubricant. However, this sheath of skin also creates a warm, moist environment that is ideal for the growth of bacteria. These little germ cells can invade that space and replicate at will, irritating the skin and leaving nasty scents behind.

Often, this condition appears when a man has not been on top of his cleaning game for quite some time. Dead skin cells mixed with bodily fluids can be trapped under the foreskin, allowing Balanitis to develop. Sometimes, however, underlying health conditions can affect the body's immune system, reducing the ability of cells to fight off natural invaders. Men who have diabetes, for example, might develop balanitis due to their disease, no matter how hygienic they might be.

What Happens Next?

Foreskin pain like this can be intense, and in time, a man might find that even going to the bathroom hurts. Unfortunately, when the condition is in full swing, it is best to get a doctor involved. The area simply must be cleaned so that healing can begin, and that means tugging down the foreskin and swabbing out the dead cells. This is not the sort of thing most men with balanitis can do without fainting, unless a doctor helps. Additionally, men who develop this condition should get a blood test, just to ensure that there are no other medical conditions in play that are affecting their immune systems.

When the area is clean, medications might help to remove the bacterial invaders. Most often, these drugs are applied directly to penile skin, but oral medications might sometimes play a role in serious Balanitis cases that do not resolve with cream-based care.

Does Prevention Work?

Just reading about foreskin pain can make some men cringe, and even the toughest guy out there might be more willing to invest in prevention, rather than dealing with an infection. Thankfully, this is a condition can often be prevented altogether, as long as a man's health is good and he uses proper penis care techniques.

A daily rinse with cool water, when the foreskin is completely retracted, should be enough to cleanse away bacteria. No soaps, powders or deodorants are required, and often, these sorts of ingredients can irritate penile skin, so they should be avoided altogether.

Using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could also be beneficial. The moisturizing agents in these products can keep skin soft, so fewer dead cells accumulate to feed hidden bacteria. The vitamins in products like this can also nourish the disease-busting cells that line the penis, which may help them to fight off invaders. A daily application might be one great way to keep the foreskin healthy and free of pain.

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