Sexual Turn-Offs - 10 Things Ladies Do That Can Kill the Mood

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    Jan 26, 2014
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Sexual Turn-Offs - 10 Things Ladies Do That Can Kill the Mood Photo by John Dugan

While it is generally agreed upon that men are virtually always in a sex-ready state, there really are things that a woman can do - believe it or not, ladies - that are true boner killers. Well, let’s be honest, in some cases they might not be bad enough to actually stop sex altogether, but they can certainly cause a setback and may make him have to work a little harder to get the job done. The following list of 10 turn-offs are things that most guys find to be turn offs, so ladies who want to keep things spicy in the bedroom might want to avoid these classic missteps. Speaking of spicing things up, why not learn how to help a guy maintain a healthy penis? Find out how below.

10 Sexual Turn-offs That Totally Kill the Mood

1. Pet Palace: He may be cool with the fact that she has a cat…or two, but when she allows all three dogs into the bedroom (or worse) on the bed, nothing stops nookie faster. Sure, Fido is a great companion, but pretty much any dude is going to be creeped out by staring pets and the sounds of panting that aren’t coming from his girl. So feel free to run the doggie daycare by day, but keep the pet motel out of the bedroom, as he will surely prefer a twosome to a menagerie.

2. Grooming in Bed: Men aren’t naïve; they know that women go to a lot of work to appear effortlessly beautiful. And, for the most part, they want that effort to stay behind closed doors. Sure, applying some lotion or a little lip gloss in bed is no big deal. But if she whips out the dental floss or the toenail clippers (ew!) in bed, it’s gonna be a sex-free zone tonight.

3. Talking about an Ex: There is a time and place in the relationship when it is all fine and good to talk about the ex. The bedroom is not one of them. Even jokingly mentioning things like, "Steve never did that to me in bed," or something that may seem like a compliment such as, "That is so much better than Antonio," is a no-fly zone. Don’t do it. Talking about sex with an ex causes him to think about his girl with another man, which is going to deflate his manhood, and frankly, make him wonder why you are thinking about that other guy.

4. Biting - non-playfully: A playful nibble here and there can be a turn-on, but some men report women applying the dental work a little too heavily down there. No biting, ever. It hurts.

5. Farting: Okay, this isn’t second grade anymore. Of course men know women fart. And maybe a little squeaker coming out in bed isn’t the end of the world, but a full-on blow-out after scarfing a half pot of chili is not going to end in booty-town.

6. Too much dirty talk: On occasion, men do appreciate a session of adult film viewing. That doesn’t necessarily mean they want to date a porn star. A few saucy sentences can spice things up, but dropping the f-bomb every two seconds, or calling him "daddy" in any way, can be real deal breakers for some guys.

7. Hide and seek without the seeking: Playfully and sexily covering some skin adds to the excitement, but coming to bed in a parka and refusing to let a guy see any skin makes a chick seem insecure in herself, which is not especially sexy.

8. Sexually unadventurous: Again, not that every guy is trying to emulate back breaking moves from the Kama sutra or expects wild and crazy sex every single time. But a girl who will only have vanilla sex, in bed, between the hours of 10-11 PM on Friday nights, may not give him the sexy adventure he is after.

9. Smell bad: Men usually don’t want women to come to bed doused in a bottle of perfume (gag); and they often love some of that natural woman smell that is unique to each woman—but what a guy DOESN’T want is BO and bad breath. A shower is not a prerequisite to a sexy night in the sack, but if a lady just ran 5 miles at the gym or ate an onion sandwich, she might want to consider a trip to the dunk tank and a thorough teeth brushing. Girls don’t want guys to smell bad, and vice versa.

10. Saying the L-word…on the first date: Everybody wants to be told they are loved…at some point. Spouting it off during a first sexual encounter, or after 1 or 2 dates, is sure to send him running for the hills. So ladies, don’t do it, unless an easy way out of the relationship is the goal!

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