Cutting Back on Loss of Penis Sensation - Is Surgery Really an Option?

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    Dec 10, 2013
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Cutting Back on Loss of Penis Sensation - Is Surgery Really an Option? Photo by John Dugan

Men with little to no penis sensation can feel as though they're trapped in a nightmare. Soft and sweet touches bring them no pleasure, and getting off often means spiking the nerves with pain. The situation can be so dire that some men consider subjecting their tissues to a surgeon's knife, in the desperate hope that they can regain at least some of what's been lost.

While some surgeries might be unavoidable, many men who have lost some degree of penis sensation can get relief with no cuts, slices or poking required. In fact, attending to some reasonable penis care techniques could be all some men need to do in order to experience all the pleasure that life has to offer. These are just a few good suggestions to try.

Surgery Basics

Before delving into options that replace surgery, it's worthwhile to discuss what cuts are designed to do. Armed with this information, men might see that the operating table isn't the best place for them to restore that special tingle.

Most surgeries for sensitivity are designed to create a flap of tissue that covers the most sensitive part of the circumcised penis. The theory is that this flap will keep the tip of the organ in a sheltered and protected state, so it won't be subjected to endless friction and soreness. It's a bit like a permanent bandage, made to keep the sensitive bits sheltered.

Surgeries like this sound tempting, but they can have some serious drawbacks. Firstly, surgeries tend to involve cutting skin, moving it to a new place and attaching that skin with stitches. Each step involves a wound, and those injuries tend to heal with bands of scar tissue. Roughened, thickened skin like this is notoriously insensitive, meaning that some men might emerge from the hospital with even more woes than they had when they started the process. In addition, surgeries can sometimes come with complications, and those can also impact sensitivity levels.

Better Choices

If cutting into skin is a no-go, that doesn't mean that men are doomed to live with their numbness forever. In fact, some men find that just getting into better physical condition does wonders for their ability to feel intense pleasure. Boosting cardiovascular health, in particular, seems to have the remarkable impact on penis sensitivity, and it's easily accomplished by:

1. Stopping a smoking habit

2. Losing weight, if blubber is a concern

3. Boosting heart rate through strenuous exercise

4. Cutting high-fat, high-cholesterol foods from the diet

Protecting the nerves that link the penis to the brain can also help to ensure that no messages of pleasure are lost or overlooked. Bike seats are often weapons of destruction, when it comes to penile sensitivity, as a resting rump on the banana shape of a seat can put pressure on those nerves, causing a feeling of numbness that lingers long after the ride is over. Switching to a penis-friendly seat can help.

Treating the glans like a celebrity is yet another way to ensure that touches don't fall on insensitive skin. Wearing soft, cotton-filled underwear can protect the glans from endless scratches, and using only the softest towels after a shower can also keep abrasions at bay.

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also be a vital tool in the glans-protection department. These products contain nine key ingredients specifically chosen to support the health and vitality of the cells a man keeps inside his shorts, and the softening and nourishment he delivers with a product like this can help to eliminate rough, tough, insensitive skin for good. A daily application, along with key lifestyle amendments, could provide the targeted help a man needs to stay sensitive for a lifetime.

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