Sore Penis Advice - How to Tell Her She's Hurting the Equipment

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    Nov 26, 2013
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Sore Penis Advice - How to Tell Her She Photo by John Dugan

There are few things a man likes more than an active and interested sexual partner, and few things he likes less than a sore penis. A weekend with a partner who doesn’t know the proper way to treat a man’s penis can be difficult for a guy; finding a way to communicate that a particular position, action or implement is causing pain to the tool is needed to ensure optimal penis health as well as sexual pleasure.

More often a straight thing.

This situation arises most often with straight men. This makes sense, as a man administering sexual actions upon another man instinctively has a better idea of what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s true that sometimes a man needs to tell another man, "That’s not quite right;" however, it happens less often than when a man is with a woman who is unfamiliar with his body.

That’s not to say that some women are not connoisseurs of a man’s body, of course. Through instinct or experience, some woman can deliver a man to sublime heights of ecstasy without ever making a false move. But sometimes some women do need a little information.

Five things to remember.

When a man encounters a woman whose sexual administrations, while well intentioned, result in soreness or pain to the manhood, it’s important to let her know this as soon as possible. If a woman is furiously rubbing a man’s member with her hand in a way that is causing the wrong kind of friction, she needs to cease right away.

However, a man needs to not just blurt out, "Hey, Idiot, you’re tearing the skin off my rod! Cut it out!" Instead, a man needs to take the time to follow these tips:

1. Be sensitive. The woman whose hand, mouth or vagina is housing a man’s equipment at the moment is a human being, not just a machine for sexual pleasure. She is most likely doing her best and may be feeling any number of things at the moment: Fear that she may not be doing this right. Nervous about what the guy thinks of her. Excitement at being in bed with this man. Pride because she thinks she is giving great sex, unaware of the pain she is causing. For the guy’s part, he may be so wrapped up in sexual desire that he may be focusing on nothing else. He should take a breath and think of what his partner may be feeling before he speaks.

2. Be aware of your body language. While a man may be experiencing some discomfort, his penis may still be stiff and lively and his breathing may indicate heightened desire. Physically, he may be giving the signal that everything is going perfectly, so it may be a good idea for a man to momentarily stop the sexual activity while he talks with her about what needs to be different.

3. Be clear. "You have to stop doing that!" is harder to understand than "Your physicality is really exciting to me, but it kind of hurts when you thrust up hard just as the tip of my penis is moving in and out of you."

4. Be patient. It can take time for two new bodies to get adjusted to each other.

5. Be ready to reciprocate. This is a big one: A man needs to remember that just as his partner may be doing something that doesn’t feel right, he himself may be unintentionally causing pain to his partner. Every man needs to be prepared for some constructive criticism as well.

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