Red Penis Alert - How to Soothe a Throbbing Manhood

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    Sep 14, 2013
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Red Penis Alert - How to Soothe a Throbbing Manhood Photo by John Dugan

After an enthusiastic romp with a partner or an aggressive solo session, a sore, red penis should not be a surprise to any man. However, when it does occur, most men are understandably concerned and may worry that they have done some permanent damage to their favorite tool. Fortunately, in most cases, the problem is superficial and will heal quickly, without any long-term side effects. However, to eliminate some of the discomfort and worry while healing takes place, a little extra care can go a long way. Following these steps can lead to immediate and ongoing penis relief.

Stop the action

This may seem like simplistic advice, but when men are in the heat of a passionate moment, it is easier to say than do, even if they do feel pain in their more tender body parts. The pleasurable sensation often overcomes the effects of a sore penis, and many men tell themselves they can finish up and then worry about the source of the discomfort.

But a little bit of pain can turn into a bigger problem if a guy chooses to keep going in spite of the body’s internal warning systems, so it really is better to call a halt to the proceedings and attend to the matter right away.

Assess the Damage

Once a man becomes aware of the sensation of pain, it is important to identify the cause, if possible. Some possibilities include lack of lubrication, sensitivity to a condom or lotion being used, or excessive thrusting or rubbing. Abrupt bending or twisting of the equipment or impact against a partner’s pelvic bone can cause the penile tissues to rupture - a problem that needs immediate corrective action. Men who experience severe pain, swelling, bruising, or other obvious signs of trauma should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Soothe the Burn

Once the triage stage is complete and a man has a general idea about what is wrong, some relief of the pain is called for. For some men, this might mean taking a brief pause to get a bottle of lube; while for others, an end to the festivities is warranted while they seek soothing measures. For a red, throbbing, aching member, an ice pack is a good idea. Applying ice can help to reduce swelling and ease the pain. If a lotion or lubricant, or some other substance, is causing the problem, then it should be washed away thoroughly to prevent ongoing damage. It is not a good idea to apply numbing creams to the penis, but a natural soothing agent such as aloe or Shea butter may help to relieve the soreness.

Ask for help

If the damage to the penis seems to be more than just on the surface, men should not be afraid to get the help they need to get better. While the average guy may find it embarrassing to show off his package or to reveal his exploits to a stranger in a clinical setting, it is important to get the right care as soon as possible, so it is best to keep in mind that doctors are professionals who have seen this kind of thing before and are only there to help, not judge.

Nourish and support

Once the fire has been put out, so to speak, and the damaged tissues are in healing mode, men can provide extra support for rapid repair of the penile skin and nerve cells. The right combination of nutrients is an important part of the restoration process, as the penile tissue relies on certain vitamins and amino acids to renew itself.

A penis vitamin creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is just what the doctor ordered in this respect, as it contains ingredients that specifically target the male tissue. A creme that also contains natural emollients like Shea butter is ideal, because the moisturizing properties allow for faster healing, as well as protecting the skin from further damage in the future.

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