Five Erection Killers and How to Avoid Them

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    Jun 20, 2014
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Five Erection Killers and How to Avoid Them Photo by John Dugan

It's been said that what goes up must certainly come down, and that is always true when it comes to the penis. When all of the action of sex is through and a man is ready to get back to his regularly scheduled activities, the blood that has flooded the penile chambers is released, and the firmness fades away. Unfortunately, sometimes, the erection goes away long before the penis is done with its job - a situation that is embarrassing and frustrating for all involved. Knowing the most common causes of erection death, along with a few specialized penis care techniques, can help men to avoid the resulting consternation.

Alcohol and medications

A sip of wine with dinner might make the conversation flow just a little easier, and for increasing numbers of men, mental health medications are a part of daily life, helping them to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and other difficult issues. However, these chemicals can sometimes amend a man's chemistry in the wrong way, and this interaction could both decrease a man’s sex drive and make erections harder to sustain.

Skipping that second glass of booze might be easy enough for men to do without outside assistance, but men who are taking mental health medications should be sure to speak with their doctors if they are encountering problems with erectile function. Doctors may be able to offer alternatives that allow a man to preserve his mental health and his firmness quotient.

Strong Emotions

Just as drinking and medications can zap a man's libido, a sudden wave of an unexpected emotion can cause a shift that's big enough to move the blood away from the pecker. Unfortunately, the bedroom can be a pretty emotional place, and it's not uncommon for men to deal with penis-blasting emotions like fear, performance anxiety, anger during partner conflict, or shame brought about by underlying sex-related issues.

While there's no real way to block all emotions from a man's love life, an open and honest relationship with a sexual partner might help. Men who can discuss their feelings openly might be less inclined to bury their thoughts, and that might allow the blood to flow freely.

Insensitive Partners

Talking openly isn't easy when the other half of the couple is angry or just plain mean. In the heat of the moment, too, even the nicest of lovers can let loose with a crack that can kill the moment. When this happens, open conversation is (again) the best remedy, as couples who talk might quickly become lovers who kiss and then move forward. But if the other half simply won't talk, looking for a new partner might be the best solution to this particular problem.

Poor Health

Partners can be responsible for a number of bedroom problems, but sometimes, a man's underlying physical health stands behind his inability to sustain an erection. Specifically, conditions that impair a man's blood flow can ruin his work between the sheets. Men with heart difficulties, diabetes or other cardiovascular concerns should work closely with their doctors in order to tame their health and get control of the action in the bedroom.

Physical Pain

Just as an underlying physical problem can ruin a man's moment of firmness, a zap of pain can put a halt to a man's prospects of an orgasm. Signals of pain require a significant amount of the brain's attention, and that means blood flows away from the penis and into other parts of the body. Pain can also just make sex unpleasant, and that can mean sustaining an erection is just impossible.

With the exception of minor, surface level injuries, getting to the root of the pain often means working with a doctor. Infections and scar tissue, for example, often require an expert's attention. But if the problem is mild, such as skin that is sore, stressed or chafed, a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be highly beneficial. These products are made to keep the skin healthy, soft and smooth, so it can handle the friction of sexual activity. A regular application of a product like this might be just the ticket to a man's ongoing pleasure.

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