Penis Rash Facts - When a Foot Fixation Leads to Fungal Infection-Or Worse

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    Oct 09, 2013
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Penis Rash Facts - When a Foot Fixation Leads to Fungal Infection-Or Worse Photo by John Dugan

Is indulging in a beloved sexual fantasy of many men worth the risk of a possible penis rash? The answer to that is entirely personal and varies from man to man. (It also depends on when the question is asked. When a man is in a particularly aroused state, his brain tends to migrate from his cranium to his crotch and all sense of logic can fly out the window.) Those who engage in activities that might bring about a rash need to take extra care to ensure that their penis health is not compromised by this pursuit of pleasure.

He's a Sole Man.

The specific activity being referred to here falls under the broad general category of the foot fetish. Often when this term is bandied about, the image that comes to mind is of a man softly caressing or kissing a partner's foot. Usually, this causes intense sexual arousal and the man masturbates while fondling the foot in question.

For many, this is a very pleasurable way to pass the time, but this is not actually the specific sensually-based foot experience under discussion. Instead, the experience is less technically fetishistic and more of an alternative method of experiencing stimulation.

Heel, boy, heel!

That alternative method is the physical stimulation of the penis by a partner's foot or feet. Sometimes the stimulation results in ejaculation; other times it does not. Some men enjoy having a lengthy foot-penis liaison, while others are delighted with a brief connection between the organ and the foot that is just a small portion of a longer sexual escapade.

As mentioned, this is not totally fetishistic in nature, although it can be: for men for whom the foot itself is a sexual stimulus, an object of sexual desire, there is a fetish component. But many men simply get off on the idea of having their manhood fondled in a slightly more unconventional manner.

Keep on your toes.

New or rarely-tried sexual practices are welcomed by most men and can be crucial to keeping a long-term relationship thriving; boredom is a danger to be avoided! Thus the novelty of foot sex is not to be discounted.

However, as mentioned above, foot-to-penis contact does carry with it the risk of complications, such as a penis rash. Such rashes tend to come about for a number of reasons, including:

1. The partner is possessed of athlete's foot or a similar fungus-based disease;

2. Bacteria from the foot gets passed on to the penis, resulting in a minor skin rash;

3. The foot-play is a bit rough (or the foot itself is calloused), creating an irritating redness on the penis;

4. The partner uses a soap or cream that causes an allergic rash to form on the penis.

Of these, the first-named is probably the most serious (and certainly the most disturbing to visualize). While it is rare for athlete's foot to become "athlete's penis," it could happen; the crotch is a warm, moist environment, which is what a fungus needs to thrive. If a man's penis develops a significant rash after foot sex, a trip to the doctor is advised.

Most of these rashes, however, are dermatologically mild cases that simply require extra hygienic care. To be safe, after having a foot caress his penis, a man should take the following steps:

  • Thoroughly wash the penis and the entire crotch area. He should be sure to use a mild soap or cleanser that he knows will not negatively affect his penile skin.
  • Soak a hand towel in warm water, then wring it out. Place the damp towel on the penis for one minute, to let the warmth and a small amount of moisture soak in.
  • Squeeze out a generous helping of a top drawer penis health cream ( health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) and rub it into the penis. It's important to use a cream that has qualities that can accelerate penis skin rejuvenation, such as shea butter and vitamin E; this will help to soothe the rash. One with vitamin A is also recommended, as vitamin A has anti-bacterial qualities and even a clean foot can be a hotbed of bacteria.

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