Dating Tips for the Modern Man How to Get Her Attention in a High-Tech World

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    Jun 14, 2014
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Dating Tips for the Modern Man How to Get Her Attention in a High-Tech World Photo by John Dugan

There are plenty of fish in the sea, or so the old saying goes. How then, does a seemingly ordinary fish stand out from the crowd and get himself noticed by the right girl? In the era of online dating, where singles rely on Facebook and Google searches and matchmaking services to screen potential suitors before the 1st date even happens, guys can have an even more difficult time getting past that first conversation. Here are some tips for scoring that first date -- and then rocking it -- to make sure there’s a second, third, and fourth. In addition, some suggestions for maintaining penis health are offered to ensure that’s not a reason for her to call it quits.

1) Step up the game. Approaching her with a tired pickup line, or even sending her a drink from across the bar and waiting for her to make the approach, isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel. She’s heard the pickup lines before, and she’s gotten more drinks than she can swallow. A guy needs to cut the cheesy lines and just be genuine. Try the straightforward approach by just saying, "Hi, my name is…." followed by an interesting conversation. No, she doesn’t want to be regaled by tall tales, extreme bragging or pretentious stories; instead, try talking about books, music, or movies or just a funny thing that happened at the office today. Believe it or not, a genuinely nice guy who isn’t fake or annoying is more impressive than the guy with the corny pickup line who loudly complains of his Lamborghini being in the shop.

2) Learn to dance. Whether it is a first or second date -- or a guy is still trying to get her number -- women love a guy who can dance. That doesn’t mean she wants a creeper who does nothing but breathe on her neck and grind against her; she wants a guy with a moderate understanding of social dance… a guy who will spin her, twist her and maybe even dip her. A guy gets points for even trying to cut a rug, but the one who breaks out some sweet swing dance or salsa moves and can stay with the rhythm gets super extra bonus points!

3) Be Chivalrous. Take a page from classic dating strategy - it works for a reason. Open doors for her, call her (don’t just text), show up on time, and keep the old car clean and neat. She doesn’t want to shove 4 bags of Taco Bell wrappers on the floor just to sit down. Most girls appreciate the occasional, unexpected gift, but don’t just stick to a dozen roses - unless she loves them. Do some research and get creative. Bring her Oreos and a new chick flick, if that’s what she loves; the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but knowing what she really likes is worth its weight in gold.

4) Be adventurous. Stray away from the same old same old dates and do something together that is more adventurous, or something she’s never tried before. For instance, if a guy is a wine expert and she only drinks the boxed variety, she may enjoy going to a wine tasting where he can share his knowledge and teach her something new. Or go on a "date of firsts" and do only things that neither person has ever done. It might take some planning, but the effort won’t go unnoticed.

5) Listen to her. Don’t just talk to her -- listen to her. Respond thoughtfully and show her that she is really being heard when she talks. Remembering her obsession with unicorns that she briefly mentioned on the first date and bringing it up later will impress her and make a guy stand out from all the losers who don’t really listen to her words, because they’re too busy looking at her neckline.

6) Stay date ready. While it may be several dates before a new couple are ready to get down and dirty, a guy wants to be prepared for everything - and be anything but dirty. Maintaining good penis etiquette is just as important as table etiquette. Keep the hair down there trimmed rather than unruly, take a shower before every date, and use a daily penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep the penis skin smooth, and free of unsightly pimples, ingrown hairs or other blemishes. A lotion containing vitamin A will also help beat penis odor by stopping odor-causing bacteria in its tracks.

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