Sore Penis Management - Four Alternative Erogenous Zones for Men on the Mend

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    Aug 14, 2014
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Sore Penis Management - Four Alternative Erogenous Zones for Men on the Mend Photo by John Dugan

The tip of the penis is typically the most sensitive part of a man's body; everybody knows that. But what happens when that particular spot is sore and in need of a little extra penis care? Can men with hurting members still experience pleasure? Experts say that they can, but they - and their partners - might need to focus on a few different hot spots in the body in order to get the release they want. These are a few good options to try.

Sensitive Neighbors

When a sore penis is healing, it's best to avoid touching, stroking or manipulating it. But there are structures located very close by that could be good alternative targets for a little love play. For example, the balls seem to be highly sensitive to soft touches. This skin is simply jam-packed with sensory cells that can deliver tremendous jolts of pleasure when they're touched in just the right way.

Similarly, some men find that soft touches on the rear end are exciting. There are many sensory cells here, too, and this is an area that's often overlooked when it comes to caresses. Asking a partner do so light, circular touches on a man's backside could give him the jumpstart he needs to reach orgasm without stressing an already-injured member.

Faraway Friends

While anything close to the penis could be sensitive and sexy, there are some other body parts that are remarkably sensitive to gentle touches, and they're not located in the lap area at all. For example, some men find that their ears are quite sensitive. A partner could touch that special zone by:

- Giving the lobes a gentle love bite

- Caressing the outside of the ears with the fingers

- Whispering into the ears, letting the air touch and caress

- Kissing the outside of the ear

The fingertips and arms are also remarkably sensitive, and that makes sense, as a man uses these part of his body to explore the world around him. Plying the area with kisses could be intensely pleasurable, but a man might also enjoy simply stroking his partner with his fingers. Keeping his eyes closed while he works is another way to boost the pleasure quotient, as it forces the brain to pay attention to the sensation of touch, not the sights and sounds of sex.

Finally, it's important to remember that the brain is the largest sexual organ a man has. Simply thinking about the fun times a man has had in the past could bring a tingle of pleasure to his pants, as could talking about the fun he might have in the future. In a way, this is the sexiest type of sex available, as there's no touching involved at all. Just words, thoughts and memories are enough to bring a man to pleasure.

Working with Experimentation

Trying out different body parts for sex play can be a little frustrating at first, particularly for men who are accustomed to moving right from foreplay into thrusting. But, it's important for men to remember exactly why they're doing things a little differently. By abstaining from penis abuse while it's healing, they're allowing their skin cells the privacy they need in order to knit back together properly. That could mean even better sex in time.

But in addition to refraining from damaging touches during the healing process, men also need to provide their cells with a little nutrition. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Quality products contain the right mix of vitamins and minerals that healing tissues need, and these products also contain skin-soothing agents that can take the burn away from overused skin. A daily application could help the damage to fade away in no time at all, and that could allow a man to get back to real sex in short order.

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