Preventing Erection Injury - Guidelines for Avoiding Sex-related Penis Hazards

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    Feb 25, 2014
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Preventing Erection Injury - Guidelines for Avoiding Sex-related Penis Hazards Photo by John Dugan

The last thing any guy wants to think about in the middle of a heated moment is the dangers that may be involved. On the other hand, the penis is a fragile instrument, and in its erect state, it can be much more prone to certain types of damage. Taking precautions ahead of time and making it a habit to exercise some degree of care during the act can go a long way toward preventing an unpleasant erection injury. Some possible types of injuries are outlined here, as well as common-sense steps for penis care that can help keep the manhood in top condition.

Some common erection-related injuries:

1. Chafing and abrasions - The most common form of sex-related injury to the penis is the chafing that occurs as a result of rubbing, either during masturbation or intimate contact with a partner. Most injuries of this type are not serious and heal quickly on their own, but they can be uncomfortable, and the minute tears in the skin’s surface can increase the risk for subsequent infection.

2. Impact trauma - Many sexually active men have had the misfortunate to thrust a little too hard and meet unyielding bone, rather than slipping into the proper channels. And many more have likely encountered a misplaced knee or elbow during the proceedings. A heavy blow like this can lead to bruising and pain; although these are not generally serious, it is a good idea to see a doctor if bruising, discoloration, or lasting pain occurs.

3. Torsion - Men who are especially active physically, or who enjoy positions where the partner is in top, are at risk for twisting and bending injuries. If the penis is suddenly bent, the erectile tissue might actually rupture, leading to severe pain. A "broken" penis like this should be evaluated by a doctor. Many injuries may heal on their own, but in some cases, surgery is required, and attempting self-treatment could leave a man with a permanent knot or bend in the penile tissue.

4. Priapism - While this type of injury is rare, men who receive a hard blow to the perianal area or scrotum may experience injury to the blood vessels that serve the penis. If the blood flow to the area is disrupted, blood may become trapped in the erectile tissue, leading to an erection that is neither pleasurable nor able to subside on its own. An injury like this should be treated as a medical emergency to avoid permanent damage.

Maintaining the health of the penis

Short of abstaining from all forms of sexual activity, there are no guarantees that a man will never experience bruising, pain or other forms of damage. On the other hand, it is smart to plan for the future and do everything possible to safeguard against a potentially painful or even disfiguring injury.

One of the most important steps that men can take is to always make sure there is plenty of lube on hand. A good, water-based lubricant that is free of chemical fragrances and other additives that can dry and irritate the penis skin is a must. A personal lubricant protects both partners from chafing due to the friction whenever natural body fluids are not sufficient to provide a slick surface. Using a lube can help minimize the occurrence of tissue damage that can lead to soreness and increase the risk of infection.

Using care when maneuvering, especially when a partner is on top, is also important. If a partner is moving in a way that feels uncomfortable, it is best to gently guide him/her to a better position, or gently let them know that another move might be preferred; the body is good at knowing what it can handle, and discomfort is there for a reason.

In addition, caring for the penile skin on a daily basis using a penis nutrient formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is suggested as a way to restore vital nutrients and moisture to stressed tissue. A vitamin-rich cream works to replenish tissue that has been compromised through aggressive treatment, leaving the penis feeling vibrant and healthy. Applying a penile cream after a daily shower can improve the overall look and feel of the manhood.

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