Managing Penis Odor - Battling Below the Belt Smells with Vitamin A

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    Aug 23, 2013
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Managing Penis Odor - Battling Below the Belt Smells with Vitamin A Photo by John Dugan

No man wants to be the smelly guy at the office. In fact, Americans spend a lot of money each year on anti-smell products to ensure they stay shower fresh all day long. Most men keep their bathroom well stocked with a large assortment of deodorants, body washes, antiperspirants, foot sprays, toothpastes, mouth washes, body sprays and colognes - all so he can hear those three little words he longs to hear. No, not the phrase with the "L-word;"rather, he smells good. What man doesn’t want hear he smells good? It gives a man a boost of confidence and shows he takes pride in his grooming -- and it sure beats being told dude, take a shower. Even still, with all the olfactory assistance men are seeking these days, few of them think to take care of odor that can occur down there. They assume that a daily shower will keep the stink at bay, and for the general public who keep a reasonable distance, it does; but what happens if a man should find himself in a more intimate setting? The last thing he wants to be worrying about is a sweaty, smelly sac or some funky junk. Learn the secret to fighting a musky manhood and how to maintain a healthy penis.

5 Reasons for a Ripe Package

Even the man who never misses a shower, stays cool as a cucumber all day long, and reapplies deodorant religiously is going to have a slight odor by the end of the day. A man is a man is a man, and the bottom line is, men sweat. Here are 5 reasons a man might have a smelly manhood and not even know it.

  • Hair - Yup, men who prefer the natural cave man look are going to have a little more of a musk than men who shave their package. Long pubic hair not only increases bacterial growth - by holding in moisture and heat - and the hair actually absorbs some of the smell, trapping the odor where the sun don’t shine.
  • Urine - It is unavoidable; those last few droplets of urine dribble out despite even the most refined shaking method post-pee. This urine collects on underwear, boxers, pubic hair and even the penis itself, which contributes to the unpleasant smell men hope to avoid.
  • Hygiene issues - A man who is lazy in the shower, or maybe only does a quick rinse after hitting the gym, may be more prone to being on the smelly side of life. It is important to do a thorough wash with gentle soap and water to get the daily grime off each day.
  • Foreskin - A man who is uncircumcised is going to be more prone to a smelly soldier, unfortunately, as bacteria can thrive underneath that little penis helmet. Gently retracting the foreskin and washing under it can reduce the problem immensely.
  • Yeast - If a man should notice a fishy smell, see cheesy or whitish discharge, or experience itching or burning while peeing, he may be suffering from a yeast infection, also known as thrush. Bacteria are the cause of this annoying problem, but luckily it is easily treated.

Battling Below the Belt Odor

Of course, the best way of battling the smell is to go directly to the source. If a man can eliminate or reduce the bacteria in the area, the smell will go with it. Using a gentle soap and water every day will help reduce the problem. Some men even elect to use an antibacterial soap to further fight the smell, but user beware, stronger soaps may cause a burning sensation if it should get up the old pee hole. Keeping the pubic hair trimmed may reduce odor as well, as there will be less chance of smells becoming trapped in the area. Finally, using a penis health formula containing vitamin A (health experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can dramatically improve the situation downtown. Vitamin A is known for its antibacterial properties and can attack the number one cause of penis odor, bacteria, so be sure to lotion up daily for a healthy (smell-free) member.

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