Penis Dysfunction and Adult Entertainment

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    Aug 26, 2013
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Penis Dysfunction and Adult Entertainment Photo by John Dugan

The pleasures of adult videos are easy to understand. Rather than spending hours complimenting a lady and hoping her clothes will hit the floor at some point, men can just log onto the nearest computer and watch lovely gals do all sorts of nasty things. If this viewing takes place in private, each session could be accompanied with a little surreptitious touching and a moment of release. While masturbation to adult videos is healthy in moderation, engaging in the behavior on a compulsive basis could lead to penis problems that only a proper penis health program could reverse.

Diminishing Returns

Most things people do in adult films aren't the sorts of activities loving couples engage in on a regular basis. It's also nearly impossible for a man to get the same viewpoint a cameraman might get when that man is a part of the action that's in progress. Men who engage in frequent masturbation may find that they miss the visual component of sex when they're engaged in the activity with a partner. Some men become so inured to the feelings of sex that they simply cannot reach climax unless adult videos are involved. This can make their partners decidedly unhappy, and it can also make a man feel a little anxious about sex.

The brain and the penis might be separated by inches of bone and muscle and skin, but they're also intimately connected. Feelings of stress and anxiety can make a man so nervous about sex that he begins to have difficulty with his performance. His penis may be afraid to show up at all, or it might fade away before a man's fun is finished.

Lasting Damage

While some of the damage related to adult videos is visual in nature, men who really put their arm muscles to good use during their sessions may do intense damage to the very delicate tissues of the penis. Each time they masturbate, they may create:

  • Areas of roughened skin
  • Microscopic tears in deeper tissues
  • Reddened, sore skin
  • Curves and bends in penile tissue

A penis damaged in this way is roughened and scarred, and men may be required to use even more force in the future to make this tool respond. The next masturbation session may be even more damaging as a result, and the damage might be yet more severe.

Taking a Break

Men who are accustomed to a daily adult videos binge may find it difficult to resist the urge to see a little skin. Some men even report feeling withdrawal symptoms because they can't access the images that once brought them such comfort. Working with a supportive partner may help.

Couples may go through a sort of sensitization therapy, where they just focus on kissing, nuzzling and hugging. The skin-to-skin contact may be pleasurable, but it also helps to ground a man's sex drive in the real world. Each bolt of pleasure he receives is coming from a real, live person who is a participant in the room at the time. Couples engaged in this sort of reconnecting might not even have sex, but they might feel their bonds grow and the attraction between them might also grow until passionate sex seems almost inevitable.

Healing the skin might take more than a few soft touches. In fact, a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might be a key ingredient to a man's get-well program. Products like this contain soothing ingredients that can help to soften hardened skin, and the nutrients can allow new skin cells to grow and develop, so they can take the place of the damaged cells that stand between a man and his pleasure. With regular applications of a product like this, a man might feel his sensitivity return, and he might be ready for the pleasures of skin-to-skin sex.

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