Penis Sensitivity Loss - Could a Back Injury Be the Cause?

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    Sep 30, 2013
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Penis Sensitivity Loss - Could a Back Injury Be the Cause? Photo by John Dugan

Low penis sensitivity can make a man feel like his vital parts are wrapped in cotton. Little touches pass by unnoticed, and even a creative partner wielding feathers, ice cubes and whipped cream can't seem to get the party started. Sometimes, the problem begins with the penile skin itself, and proper penis care can soothe that distress. But sometimes, low sensitivity in vital areas is a sign of a more serious problem, such as a herniated disk.

Back Facts

The back seems like a solid column of bone, but in reality, it's made up of a series of hollow pieces connected with a spongy material. This design allows the back to flex and bend, but it can also make that column a little unstable. An injury that a man barely feels could push just one disk out of alignment. This could come about due to:

  • Car accidents
  • Falls in the home
  • Sports
  • Bike accidents

The back injury might seem small, and the man might even feel comfortable enough to walk away from the wreckage, but deep inside, a tiny bit of damage could impact the transfer of sensation along the nerve pathways between the brain and the penis.

Information Highway

The brain stays in touch with body parts far away through a network of nerves. They drop from the base of the skull and spread out like fans, but they use the spinal cord as a sort of highway. In most cases, nerves drop right down and encounter no resistance along the journey. But a shifting bone can block that nerve's path. Sometimes, it can even trap that nerve, making communication just impossible.

Some men with injuries like this feel no sensations at all, while others can feel touches on one side of the penis but not the other. Some men even feel a sensation akin to tickling when they should be feeling only pleasure.

Finding the Cause

Imaging machines can quickly and easily detect a problem like this, and often, those tests are completely painless. With the results in hand, doctors can make sure that the bones in the back are aligned properly, and if they're not, they can pull together a surgical program or exercise regimen that can help. By snipping out damaged tissue and using plates to put shifted disks back in place, or strengthening the surrounding muscles, these professionals can ensure that the back functions properly once more.

But a return in sensation might not be immediate. The brain can sometimes lose touch with nerves that have been damaged, and it can take time for those cells to find one another once more. In fact, it's not uncommon for men to feel a persistent loss of sensation in the months that follow the completion of a treatment program.

Boosting Healing

Watching, waiting and testing that penis for restored sensation is tempting, but this kind of vigilance can also backfire. It tends to remind the brain that something is amiss, and when playtime rolls around, the brain might be thrown into an agony of worry that can kill even the most erotic of moods.

Supporting healing with good nutrition might be a better approach. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can provide healing cells with the trace elements they need as they knit back together, and a diet like this might also allow a man to lose those extra pounds that also put pressure on his back.

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might also be part of a man's recovery plan. Products like this contain vital nutrients that are applied directly to the penile skin, where they are absorbed and get to work on the tissue underneath. Networking nerve cells might appreciate the boost of nutrition, and they may respond with a little flush of sensation. Healing might take time, but a creme could be a vital part of the program.

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