Penis Pain and Discharge? It Could be Thrush

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    Apr 29, 2014
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Penis Pain and Discharge? It Could be Thrush Photo by John Dugan

Yeast cells are amazing. Without them, there would be no wine, no bread and no beer. In short, they play an important role in the development of some of the things that men find so important. On the other hand, certain types of yeast cells can cause uncomfortable issues. When they run rampant on the skin of the penis, a condition known as thrush can develop. Thankfully, by altering a few penis care habits, men with thrush can almost certainly get better.

What Thrush Feels Like

The yeast cells responsible for thrush live on the surface of the skin all the time. When there are a reasonable number of these organisms in place, they are unlikely to cause pain or discomfort. But when changes in body chemistry trigger an overgrowth of these organisms, a number of really nasty symptoms can take hold, including:

- Inflammation of the head of the penis

- Swelling of the foreskin

- Lumpy, chunky discharge

- Pain during sex

- Discomfort during urination

- Itching

- Dry, cracked skin.

The signs might be mild at first, but if the infection continues, the problem might become impossible to ignore. The foreskin can swell to such a degree that it can't be retracted from the tip of the penis, for example, and the pain during urination could become breathtaking.

Treating Thrush

Since thrush can look like other types of conditions, including certain sexually transmitted diseases, the right diagnosis is vital for men, particularly those who haven't ever struggled with yeast in the past. A trip to the doctor is warranted for anyone struggling with uncomfortable penis symptoms. With a simple swab of the discharge, a medical professional can confirm that yeast is behind the discomfort, and they can recommend the right kind of product to apply to the area.

A doctor might also help men who constantly deal with thrush, as the condition can sometimes crop up due to an underlying health condition. Men who have a weakened immune system due to an infection might be more vulnerable to thrush, for example, as might men who have diabetes. If the problem keeps coming back, over and over again, these men might need to get the rest of their health in order before they begin to attack their penis care woes.

Men who don't have an underlying health problem could be causing thrush by their penis-washing techniques. Scrubbing and scraping at intimate tissues with heavy soaps can remove healthy bacteria and allow yeast cells to take over. Sticking with softer, kinder cleansing techniques is the preferred method for male hygiene.

Similarly, some men get thrush from their sexual partners. Women, for example, tend to struggle with yeast more often than men do, and they can pass on the problem to their partners during unprotected sex. Sometimes, partners pass thrush back and forth, as one person is treated while the other continues to harbor the disease. Treating both partners at the same time could keep this issue from constantly reappearing.

Caring for the skin of the penis could also be a vital thrush-busting technique. Skin that is soft, smooth and well cared for has fewer cracks for yeast to hide in, and it has all of the tools it needs to stop an attack in progress. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. These products support the health of the tissues of a man's vital tool, and their mix of vitamins and supplements ensures that the skin can protect and defend as it should. While these products can't treat a thrush attack in the works, they could provide that little bit of protection that keeps skin safe in the future.

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