Avoiding Penile Shrinkage through Lifestyle Choices and Proper Penis Care

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    Jul 28, 2014
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Avoiding Penile Shrinkage through Lifestyle Choices and Proper Penis Care Photo by John Dugan

As every man knows, penis size is not static; aside from the obvious expansion that occurs during engorgement, the boys downstairs frequently change in size as a natural response to heat and cold. What many may not know is that the vast majority of men will experience some degree of penile shrinkage over time. This is not good news for any guy who is focused on his size as an important aspect of his virility; fortunately, some of the causes of shrinkage are preventable, and the right approach to penis care may help. The common issues related to loss of penis size are discussed here, as well as what men can do to address them.

1) Smoking - By now, it should be clear to everyone that smoking is seriously damaging and causes a vast range of health issues. On the other hand, if men need yet another reason to snuff the butts, the research-backed news that smoking can actually cause the penis to shrink by as much as a centimeter should cause them to snap to attention. Studies have shown that smoking tobacco products can cause calcification of the blood vessels that serve the penis, which in turn results in tissue shrinkage - not to mention significant loss of function.

What to do: Quit. Men who kick the habit will generally see an overall health improvement within three months of their last cigarette, and over time, a healthier lifestyle can lead to a reversal of many of the negative health effects of smoking.

2) Age - Over time, a decrease in testosterone and changes in the fatty deposits that lend the penis at least some of its size can cause a reduction in size.

What to do: Unfortunately, there is no stopping the aging process, but eating right, getting a reasonable amount of physical activity, and moderating alcohol consumption can help mitigate the effects of aging.

3) Peyronie’s disease - Tissue damage to the penis caused by aggressive masturbation, as well as blunt force injuries or penile ruptures, can cause scarring of the fibrous connective tissue surrounding the erectile chambers. This tissue does not expand at the same rate as healthy tissue, meaning that erections are not uniform; this can lead to severe bending during erections. This condition, known as Peyronie’s disease, can also cause a reduction in penis size.

What to do: First and foremost, prevention - use a lube for every encounter (solo as well as partnered); exercise caution during partner play to avoid bending and twisting; and always use a cup during sports. Second, for men who do develop Peyronie’s disease, a routine surgical procedure may be carried out to remove the damaged tissue.

4) Obesity- Carrying excess body weight does not cause physical shrinkage of the penile tissue. On the other hand, the padding of fat that accumulates in the pubic area can cause the penis to appear as much as an inch shorter than it really is.

What to do: Aside from all of the other well-known health benefits of losing weight, dropping off the excess pounds can make the penis look longer - and maintaining a healthy body weight can also help men to last longer in bed.

Taking penis care a step further

Making the lifestyle changes outlined above can help reduce the risk of shrinkage (or the appearance of shrinkage); and better yet, adopting healthy personal habits can also improve a man’s sex drive and ability to perform.

In addition, a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can prove to be a valuable tool for those who want to take their approach to penis care to the next level. A formula that is enriched with vitamin C, for example, can enhance the body’s ability to deliver oxygen, helping to maintain cellular health and preventing cellular atrophy; while neuroprotective amino acids can protect against loss of nerve function, preserving and even improving sensation. Adding a crème like this to the daily routine may have significant benefits for overall penile health and function.

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