Penis Sensitivity Tips and Tricks from the Kama Sutra

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    Apr 20, 2013
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Penis Sensitivity Tips and Tricks from the Kama Sutra Photo by John Dugan

The entire Kama Sutra consists of 1250 verses and 36 chapters, all designed to help people develop a life that's both virtuous and gracious. It's all good information, but modern readers might be tempted to skip ahead in the text to the better-known section on sex positions. It's understandable, as the text contains a remarkable amount of information about how couples can join together in ways that will please them both. Buried in the fine print, however, are a few little tips that deal with penis care and increasing sensitivity. Men who pay attention to these tidbits may be rewarded with intense pleasures down the line, whether or not they engage in some of the acrobatics portrayed in the Kama Sutra.

Staying Clean

The act of love was once considered more than just pleasant. In fact, some ancient cultures believed that sex was a divine act that could bring couples a little closer to understanding the mysteries of the universe. Important tasks like this should be approached with reverence, and often, people like to get cleaned up before they do something spiritual. As a result, the Kama Sutra contains long passages about hygiene and cleanliness, and the author even suggests that people clean together as foreplay.

Cleaning up can be a boon for the penis, as sensitivity levels can drop when the equipment isn't quite clean. Bacteria can spread and grow, and the inflammation they cause can trigger sensations of pain, itching and burning, diminishing the pleasure of sex. By spending time each day on cleanliness, men can wash these irritants away and keep penile tissue responding as it should.

Taking it Slow

Emotional connections are emphasized in this ancient book, and as a result, couples are encouraged to stoke the flames by:

  • Kissing
  • Hugging
  • Touching
  • Talking

These acts can allow couples to reach a peak of passion and intensity long before penetration takes place, but they can also be excellent for penis sensitivity. When couples are moving slow and taking their time, natural lubricants are generated, and the risk of friction from dry tissues goes down with each moment. Damage due to friction can lower sensitivity, so stretching out the foreplay could be an excellent way to keep pleasure sensors as healthy as they can possibly be.

Extending the Pleasure

There are well over 60 sexual acts/positions described in detail within the middle section of this book, and modern versions often have handy illustrations so couples know just what they're supposed to do and when. The author goes on, however, to suggest that a bonded pair should stay in contact when the fireworks have faded and heart rates return to normal. Kisses and touches are recommended, but once again, cleaning can play a role.

Touching up the hygiene after sex can help a pair to prepare for a second round of love, and a soothing scrub can also function as thanks to body parts that have given their all in the service of pleasure. The penis, in particular, may benefit from this care. Personal lubricants and spermicides used during sex can sometimes cause irritation to delicate tissues, if those substances are left in place for long periods of time. Irritation like this can lead to a red, itchy penis that isn't capable of feeling much more than pain. At times, these reactions can take weeks to recover from, and the body can put down scar tissue after an incident like this, further reducing sensitivity rates.

A gentle cleansing can strip those irritants away, and a high-quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can add emollients, vitamins and antioxidants to penile skin, allowing it to heal and remain sensitive. It's also intensely pleasurable to apply, and that's something the Kama Sutra's author might approve of as well.

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