Oral Sex and Steak Day -- A Man's Version of Valentine's Day

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    Mar 16, 2014
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Oral Sex and Steak Day -- A Man Photo by John Dugan

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is really a women’s holiday. As February 14th draws near, guys are bombarded with advertisements for flowers, chocolates and giant stuffed animals - not to mention the ever-popular jewelry. On this popular date night, many couples head out for romantic dinners or plan sexy evenings in for just the two of them. While a guy may get some action on V-day, the focus tends to be on pampering his sweetheart and on remembering why they love each other. So what are the men of the world getting on Valentine’s Day? Probably not much, other than a grateful partner and - in most cases - some loving. Thankfully, guys can have their day, too, just one month later by celebrating March 14th, a day known as Oral Sex and Steak day. Learn more about this special day and how a man can prep the penis for a day that is all about his tool.

What is Oral Sex and Steak Day?

Perhaps it hasn’t ascended to the hallowed status of Valentine’s Day on every couple’s calendar - but wouldn’t it be amazing to see a Steak and BJ Day card on the shelves? While it may be a few more years until the day makes it on official calendars or before grocery stores wise up and start having steak sales during the second week of March, it is a holiday that is growing in popularity - certainly with men. Steak and BJ Day caters to the simple needs that a man has. He doesn’t need (or want) flowers, candy, teddy bears, or chocolate to feel loved. No, what a man needs is a giant piece of meat and a hummer. Few things will make him feel more loved than his significant other cooking him a delicious dinner and willingly going down on him. No begging, no bargaining, just a good BJ to show how much she cares.

5 Tips to a Great BJ

For whatever reason, it seems that once a relationship has been consummated with sex, the little things - like BJ’s - tend to be performed less frequently. What’s more, lots of women feel like they don’t know what to do once they are down there; and at any rate, sex is just easier, so they tend to avoid the BJ. Well, ladies, be prepared to put insecurities aside; these tips will ensure he has a good time.

1. Take it slow: Too often, women are in a rush to get it over with, so they start off with very fast stroking. While this may get the job done, it is also something a man can do to himself. What he can’t do is lick his own business; that’s where his lady comes in. Rather than going fast and furious, tease, tickle and tempt him with a lick here, a suck there, and a flick of the tongue to drive him wild. Take it slow and he’ll be begging for more.

2. Be an explorer: The old "suck and go" technique is for beginners. Don’t be afraid to explore every inch of his undercarriage with fingers, mouth and tongue. The more off the beaten path, the better.

3. Find the frenulum: The underside of a guy’s penis, where the head meets the shaft, is the most sensitive area on the penis. It’s packed with nerves, so a gentle flick of the tongue over and over again will drive him crazy.

4. Get in a rhythm: As he is nearing the big finish, finding a good steady rhythm will help him get there. Pausing, or breaking the rhythm will set him back and delay his orgasm - which may or may not be the goal!

5. Get into it: If a chick acts like she is only doing it to humor him, it is a major turnoff. A guy can tell if she’s not into it, so even if it’s not a favorite thing to do, try to enjoy the fact that he’s enjoying it, because he’ll be super turned on if his girl is loving it.

Prepping the Penis for Its Big Day

In preparation for Steak and BJ day, a man should do a little extra grooming - it’s only courteous. Trim up the pubic hair a bit, take a shower, and use a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin A, which has odor busting and skin softening properties. Nobody loves a funky junk, so keep it squeaky clean, healthy, and stink free by using a health lotion daily - and who knows? Maybe she will enjoy the proceedings so much that it becomes a regular occurrence, rather than a once-yearly event.

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