Age and a Mans Hormonal Levels

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    May 29, 2013
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Age and a Mans Hormonal Levels Photo by John Andrews

All of us are familiar with hormonal fluctuations in women that signal the onset of menopause. But it’s not just women that go through hormonal imbalance. Men also experience a shift in their hormones as they age. Typically, as men grow older, they produce less and less of testosterone, the most important male hormone. This fall in testosterone production is known by a variety of names such as andropause, male menopause, and late-onset hypogonadism or in simpler terms, testosterone deficiency.

This fall in testosterone levels can bring on a slew of unpleasant physical and emotional changes, similar to what female menopause can do to women. That’s because testosterone plays a critical role in the functioning of the body. Thus when levels fall, it can have a negative effect on the system as a whole. These are signs of testosterone decline in men:
• Loss of muscle strength
• Abdominal weight gain
• Brittle bones
• Reduced sex drive
• Impotence combined with weak erections
• Drop in energy levels
• Fatigue
• Mood swings
• Depression

If you’re experiencing some of the signs above, it’s a good idea to get your testosterone levels checked through a simple blood test. If blood tests reveal unusually low testosterone, it’s time to modify your lifestyle and incorporate certain changes that’ll restore the body’s hormonal balance.

How to Boost Testosterone
• Your food is the most important factor affecting testosterone. Food rich in healthy fats aids testosterone production and also preserves heart health. Look for fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, peanuts, olive oil, avocados, and all types of nuts to raise the amount of good fats in your body.
• They don’t call broccoli a superfood for nothing! Broccoli, along with cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and many other veggies belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables, which optimize testosterone by flushing out excess estrogen from the body.
• Stay away from saturated fat. They don’t do anything to raise testosterone; instead they make you more lethargic and pose a danger to heart health as well.
• Engage in regular physical activity. Strength training and weightlifting are the best ways to boost testosterone in men. Even aerobic exercises are good – they improve body composition, keep weight under check, and improve the body’s defense mechanism.
• Try Ageless Male. It’s a dietary supplement containing fenugreek seed extract that reactivates the body’s fading hormones and raises the amount of bioavailable testosterone in the blood. Ageless Male testimonials  are ample proof that the product is extremely beneficial for men with poor testosterone and how it enhances energy levels, improves sexual health, and results in improved overall health and wellbeing.

Just because you’re over the age of 50 doesn’t mean you have to suffer from hormonal deficiency and low testosterone levels. It’s up to you to decide how to spend your later years. Inculcate healthy eating habits, exercise regularly, keep stress away, and keep your weight in check, which ensures your body isn’t adversely affected by declining testosterone levels.

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