Preventing Penis Sensitivity Loss 5 Common-Sense Rules

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    Aug 28, 2014
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Preventing Penis Sensitivity Loss 5 Common-Sense Rules Photo by John Dugan

Dealing with penis sensitivity loss isn't easy. Men who can't feel things as well as they used to often have to go through several treatment efforts to resolve the problem, and, sometimes, the damage is permanent. That's why prevention of sensitivity loss should be a key element of men’s penis care regimens. Here are the top five steps men can take right now to keep sensitivity loss from impacting them.

1) Don't get crazy with the decorations.

The penis is a precious tool, not a Christmas tree. Dressing up the penis with tattoos, piercings and cock rings might seem festive and even rather kinky. But it can also be very bad for sensitive skin cells. Piercing the skin with a needle or with jewelry can lead to swelling and infections that cause nerves to die, while temporary cock rings can block blood flow and starve tissues to death. Leaving the unit unadorned might not be as exciting, but clearly it's a much safer thing to do.

2) Always use lube.

Rough and ready sex with no lube can feel fantastic, but it can also strip moisture away from the skin and leave the tissues feeling raw, rough and abused. Surface injuries will heal, of course, but the nerves down below might not be so lucky, and all of the sensations they could transmit might be lost for good.

3) Deal with infections right away.

Even the most careful guy in the world could end up with an infection down below, such as:

- Yeast infection

- Gonorrhea

- Staphylococcal infection

- Scabies

Some of these infections can do damage to the skin and nerves, reducing the amount that a man can feel. Others cause a lot of itching, and a man could harm the skin even more with each little scratch.

Prompt medical attention is vital when an infection is present. The right treatment, applied at the right time, can reduce the risk of direct damage due to invaders. Soothing creams and medications can be applied to manage itching as well.

4) Keep the little guy under wraps.

Walking around in the buff, with the penis swinging free in the breeze, is the dream of almost every guy out there. But, there are all sorts of hazards just waiting to inflict misery on an unprotected penis. Cooking oils, jumping dogs and rough furniture could all do a lot of damage to a man's penis, and these hazards will be avoided if a man simply wears, at the very least, a pair of underwear.

Wearing proper undergarments during sports will protect a man from hazards like flying balls and moving bats. Cups might not seem sexy, but they safeguard a man's most sensitive asset.

5) Nourish and protect the skin.

Eating a balanced diet and drinking the proper amount of water every day can keep the whole body healthy. But penile tissues could use some extra help, especially if a man hopes to maintain his sensitivity levels into old age. That's where a penis health crème comes in. Quality products contain the optimal mix of vitamins that encourage penis cells to stay healthy and strong; they also feature nutrients that the penis requires for sensitivity. A man doesn’t likely get enough of these important nutrients through his diet.

Daily use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), applied when the skin is both clean and dry, can give the penis just what it needs, right where it needs it. There's no prescription required for this protection method, either. Men can simply make the purchase, and, with that one step, they'll do something vital for their future sensitivity.

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