The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Commercial Catering Equipment

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    Jul 29, 2014
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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Commercial Catering Equipment Photo by Colin Armstrong

Hiring commercial catering equipment is not an easy task for anyone to take on. You need to get it right the first time or it could mean wasting a huge chunk of money. It requires careful planning and a full understanding of what you actually need. This is what you will learn by reading through this short guide.

The Menu Strategy

Your menu strategy encompasses aspects of the process like plating. You have to consider things like whether plating a fancy salmon platter with the most expensive plates you can find is really worth the risk. Remember, you will be responsible for any breakages that happen on your watch.

The menu strategy largely depends on what food you intend on serving, as well. You need to write down your menu from the beginning. Determine what you will need to make and how many alternative options you will be having. Do not make the mistake of hiring a series of commercial kitchen equipment first.

The Capacity

How many people are likely to be in the premises at the same time?

Consider the worst-case scenario not the best-case scenario. Look to the extremes. You must be able to cope with full capacity and the lowest capacity. Of course, it is likely the actual attendance will fall somewhere in the middle, but it is important to be prepared.

This is quite easy if you stipulate the number of people who will be coming before you begin the hiring process.

Added Extras

Standard kitchen equipment is relatively easy to hire. You also need to decide whether you will be having any added extras. Some venues decide to hire commercial coffee machines to offer an additional choice. Are you willing to do this?

The Company

Once you have decided what you need to hire, you need to decide on whom you will hire it from. Look online for some recommendations for companies that serve your local area. First of all, visit their websites to see if they suit your needs. Once you have a list of caterers who have everything you need, interview them.

Some of them will serve things like plates and cups in a variety of different styles. Determine whether these will suit the décor of your venue. You also need to consider whether their service packages are flexible. Think about whether they will be able to react in the right way should something change later on.

Make sure you have a list of your requirements when going into an interview. A reputable company will ask to see these so they can judge whether they will be able to fulfil them. They will tell you honestly if you would be better off looking elsewhere.

Always read the agreement and check the small print. You need to be clear on when the equipment needs to be returned and what you are responsible for. The last thing you want is to be stung by any unexpected expenses at the end of it all. These can easily add hundreds of pounds to the cost of your overall bill.

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