How Should You Go about Setting up Childrens Catering at a Wedding?

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    Jul 28, 2014
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How Should You Go about Setting up Childrens Catering at a Wedding? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Catering for children is always a tricky subject to tackle at a wedding. The problem is many catering equipment suppliers do not have the facilities to support children. It leaves the couple paying for an adult plate for every child. When paying for catering supplies UK, it can mean paying more than you expected. Some couples request children are left alone, as a result. This is not an ideal scenario to be in.

If you are worried about how you're going to resolve the catering situation at a wedding, here are some useful tips.

Start with an Interview

Catering equipment UK is not always supplied to the same specifications. Do not expect every caterer to have the capacity to deal with children. Furthermore, many will not have any experience in dealing with children.

Always interview a selection of catering companies before settling on your decision. They should have a strong track record and references to show their good work. At the same time, do not put all your efforts into finding a good caterer for children. You still need to have great catering for adults, as well!

What Will You Serve?

The menu for children can be trickier than the one for adults. Most adults will grin and bear a meal they do not feel particularly enthused about. With children, the exact opposite happens. If you are not giving them their favourite foods, you are going to hear about it from them.

Always opt for the safe option of fast food. Things like burgers and pizzas are ideal. You do not have to worry about having anything overly formal because the kids will usually have separate places to eat, anyway.

If you want to save money, you could even get a caterer to go out to get a takeaway. This has worked in the past. A caterer recommended going out to a local McDonald's for the kids. It might not be the sort of wedding etiquette you would usually expect, but it keeps the kids quiet!

What about the Server?

One area of catering couples often forget is the server. It isill advised to have especially young children serving themselves – plus this is bad manners and you want to make the right impression. Instead, you need to decide whether you want your catering company to supply a server or have a parent step in to serve the kids.

The latter option is cheaper, but you need to ensure you have someone who is willing to do this. Do not just force this upon someone.

Prepare a Budget

You have seen the options in this article. What you need to decide on before making any of these decisions is the budget. Write down what you can spare for catering and see what fits in. With catering, you can run into so many unexpected expenses.

A good caterer will ask to see your budget and come up with a plan to help you best fulfil your needs. Take note, it could mean you have to make sacrifices, but preparing earlier will take away the stress of getting the catering just right.

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