What are the Top Traits of a Truly Great Catering Waiter?

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    Aug 22, 2014
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What are the Top Traits of a Truly Great Catering Waiter? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Waiters make up a significant part of any catering team. They will often operate the bar equipment, as well as serving the food. Waiters are trained in how to manage practically everything that goes on in front of guests. They will take the orders, clear up the plates, and prepare any extra chairs and tables that are needed.

Second only to the chefs, this is perhaps the most challenging role of the whole catering team. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things people will expect from a good waiter.

Customer Service

People may not expect you to be a dab hand with the bakery equipment, but they will expect you to have good customer service. Yes, it is essential that waiters know how to treat customers right. This means being able to listen to their needs and act accordingly.

Good customer service is mainly about listening and acting as the communications link between the kitchen and the floor.

Attention to Detail

Presentation is everything in the catering business. A waiter must pay attention to detail when they are presenting food to the guests. They need to be able to put it down in a way that does not obstruct other guests or get in the way of a good conversation.

A waiter must always be on the lookout for empty classes and empty plates. Even though the atmosphere might be a relaxing one, there is always something going on. It is up to the waiter to make sure they can spot all these little nuances. They can make or break a dinner.

Food Safety

All catering companies must abide by certain health and food safety standards. This is not just so you can tick a few boxes. It is to make sure that customers get the best quality food they possibly can. Waiters should be trained in how to handle food and how to make sure that food remains fresh until it finds its way onto the guests’ plates.

Ideally, all catering staff will have taken an accredited food safety course. This is often a requirement for a worker to join a catering company in the first place.

Staying Invisible

Waiters are very much like referees. You know they have done a good job when they are not a talking point. A good waiter will stand to the side and make sure they do not intrude upon their guests. They will only speak when necessary or when spoken to. Waiters must remember they are part of the furniture not a guest at the party.

Experienced waiters are able to work around guests without interfering with the general ambience. It takes a highly trained individual to be able to do this because their skill comes from all the little things they do. Highly experienced catering equipment suppliers will always take care to employ the right waiters for this reason.

Overall, good waiters are defined by the little things they do. The best catering companies will always make sure they employ a team of waiters who know exactly what it takes to give customers the best service possible.

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