5 Secrets about Destination Wedding Catering You Didn't Know About

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    Sep 07, 2014
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5 Secrets about Destination Wedding Catering You Didn Photo by Colin Armstrong

Destination wedding catering just means that a catering company will take all their commercial catering equipment and drag it out to wherever a wedding they have been hired to cover happens to be. For the time you paid them for, they will cater to your every need (within reason).

Here are some of the secrets you did not know about how destination wedding catering works, though.

1. You Don't Pay for the Food

This is perhaps the most common misconception amongst people. When the caterers arrive, you have not paid for all the food they bring. You have paid for a certain number of plates and guests, but the food there is still the property of the catering company. Once it is time to leave, you cannot keep the leftovers. Anything left goes back to the company for them to do what they want with.

2. Caterers Lose a Lot of Profit on Extras

There is a reason catering equipment in the UK is often more expensive than you think. They have to make up money on the extras they have to bring along. It is rare for caterers to run out of food for the table and alcohol for the bar. This is not because your guests have not indulged. It is because the caterers have brought extra.

Catering equipment suppliers do not know how much you might want to drink that night, or what you might want to drink. To stop themselves from running into disaster, they have to bring along more than they actually need. Moreover, the guests are rarely charged anything extra for this.

3. Last Call isn't an Option

The majority of caterers will not issue a last call at the bar before the end of the event. This is because they do not want to be rushed by your friends trying to claim as much alcohol as possible. Remember, you are paying for time not the alcohol. You have paid to stock the bar and for the servers and nothing else.

If someone has an extra glass of wine, you are not going to find the catering company trying to hunt you down for that extra glass of wine. It's an expense normally shouldered by the catering company. This is one of the reasons why most caterers prefer not to issue a last call.

4. Rehearsal Dinners

Destination wedding caterers relish the chance to watch the main guests at a rehearsal dinner. They watch everyone to see how they are likely to react on the big day. In most cases, this provides the caterers with the vital information they need on what they need to bring and how much of it they need to bring.

It stops any mistakes from getting through when it matters the most.

5. It's Dangerous

You would be surprised at how dangerous catering for a wedding can be. Sometimes at the end of the night,it is not uncommon to see people trying to raid the coolers and demand more from the bartender or the waiter. They do not understand that the food and drinks are not their property. They are extras only in case someone ran out of something.

This is why you will commonly see reception staff bulking up around the main bar areas in case of trouble.

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