How to Hire a Catering Van for Your Next Event

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    Aug 22, 2014
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How to Hire a Catering Van for Your Next Event Photo by Colin Armstrong

Catering vans are mobile pieces of catering equipment. They allow you to cook food almost anywhere. These are also a relatively compact alternative to high-end catering. This is why so many companies opt for this type of commercial kitchen equipment, especially when they do not have the dedicated catering space within their facilities.

In this article, we are going to look at how you should go about hiring a catering van for your next event.

Planning for the Party

Start by thinking about how many guests you expect to come. To be on the safe side, always base your estimate on how many guests you invite, rather than whether you think someone will actually turn up or not. It is always better to have too much capacity than too little.

Determine how many meals the van will be used for. This will determine how well equipped the van will need to be. It is always wise to be aware of what sort of meals you will have on offer from the very beginning. Take into account any special dietary needs, such as vegetarianism from the beginning.

What about the Budget?

Always have a budget in place. It is easy to see a catering budget get out of control if it does not have solid limits on it. You have to make sure that you are aware of how many guests you can accommodate and what sort of food you can afford.

Furthermore, you have to remember that you will need the staff to make and serve the meals. Most catering vans are highly specialised and require a trained pair of hands to operate.

Recommendations for a Company

With an idea of the amount of people who will be attending and a budget in place, you need to find a company with commercial catering equipment who can meet your needs. It starts with being able to find someone reputable.

The best place to start is with people you trust. Ask any friends or colleagues whether they can recommend anyone. You never know, they may have dealt with a catering company before.

If you do not have any real recommendations, look for a trade directory. This is where most catering companies advertise. Compare the different advertisements and check to see what sort of reviews they have gained. Call them and get some quotes. Automatically remove any company that cannot stick to your budget.

What about Compromise?

Compromise is something you may have to do. Your initial demands were made based on what you wanted not what you can get. This is why it is wise to be as flexible as possible with the sort of facilities you want and the budget you can spare.

Every catering company has different policies on what it will do and what it will not do. If they cannot meet your needs, either look elsewhere or be willing to make changes to your requirements.

Proper planning is essential to successfully hiring a catering van. By being clear on what you need from the beginning, this process should be as efficient and problem free as possible.

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