4 Types of Electric Radiators You Should Have in Your Home

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    Apr 07, 2014
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4 Types of Electric Radiators You Should Have in Your Home Photo by Colin Armstrong

When it comes to flexible heating in the home, nothing beats electric radiators. Fitted to the wall or freestanding, these heaters require no central heating boiler and can provide you with heat whenever you need it simply by being switching them on at the wall. Whether you have a ‘wet’ system installed in your property or not, here are four types of electric radiators that your home needs.

1. Vertical Radiator

The modern UK home is not exactly the most spacious of dwellings and often a large standard radiator is simply too big and bulky to install. Fortunately, there is an electric solution to cater to your heating needs. Vertical radiators come in a range of sizes, starting from just 380mm wide, designed to be installed on any wall, giving you plenty of heat and some much-needed extra floor space. These radiators are available in three outputs and are supplied with innovative mounting brackets that allow you to remove the radiator easily for decoration purposes.

2. Conservatory Radiator

If you have a conservatory, adding a radiator to your existing wet system is expensive, difficult, and messy. Instead, complement the system with a plug-in conservatory radiator. These are available in wall-mounted, floor-standing and castor options, and can be placed absolutely anywhere within the room.

3. Bathroom Towel Rack Radiator

You probably have a radiator in your bathroom – but do you have a towel rack radiator? While the main job of these electric radiators is to put out plenty of heat, they also provide racks to heat your towels, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm towel. In addition to performance, these wall-mounted solutions look stunning,adding a touch of class to any contemporary bathroom.They are also pretty useful in the kitchen, too.

4. Digital Radiator

Digital panel heaters are perfect for every room in the house and take home heating to a completely new level. With designer styling that complements any décor, digital radiators put you in full control of your heating thanks to a built-in thermostat and control panel, allowing you total comfort and lower energy consumption in any environment. Put one of these radiators in every room and you will never need to use your gas central heating system again. 

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