Super Methods to Increase Efficiency and Quality in Your Working Kitchen

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    Aug 12, 2014
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Super Methods to Increase Efficiency and Quality in Your Working Kitchen Photo by Colin Armstrong

Anyone who works in a commercial kitchen knows how important cooking efficiency and food quality are. Purchasing equipment from commercial kitchen suppliers is only half the battle. The way you cook and the way your kitchen functions can all have a significant effect on the results you get when it is time to serve the food.

In this article, we will outline some of the ways you can increase efficiency and quality in your working kitchen.

Cook Faster with Convection Ovens

One way to cook more efficiently is to use a commercial convection oven. They have the capacity of larger ovens, but they distribute heat in a faster way. Within the oven, a small fan sends heat all over the interior. It reduces the number of cold air bubbles in the food, which cooks the food more thoroughly and reduces the total cooking time.

Better Taste More Precise Settings

There is a reason why the majority of people cannot replicate the same taste they would find in a restaurant. Commercial catering equipment has far more precise settings, which gives chefs more control over their creations. This is why any professional chef must purchase commercial kitchen supplies.

The Small Things

Commercial kitchen equipment is not confined exclusively to large ovens and grills. There are smaller implements that enable chefs to increase the speed at which they can prepare meals.

In a restaurant, the majority of the time is spent preparing ingredients for the actual cooking process. This can involve chopping up carrots and peeling potatoes. In a professional kitchen, it is easier to purchase commercial tin openers and peelers to make the job go faster. This frees up the head chef to take care of the most important job, rather than being forced to stick with the mundane.

Cooking Specialist Foods Consistently

Many specialist foods, such as crepes, can be made in the home. The problem is getting the consistency a professional restaurant would expect. Chefs can use commercial crepe makers to get consistently thin pancakes quickly each time. It means they get consistently good results with every cooking session.

There are so many specialist devices that target certain foods. You can find brulee torches, hot plates, waffle makers, and Panini presses.

Freeing Up the Oven

The oven only has a limited amount of space. Head chefs have to control the flow of food to make sure there is always enough space within the ovens. One way of increasing efficiency and preventing traffic jams is to take jobs you would normally use a stove for and transfer them to specialist tools.

The most common example off this would be boiling a pot of oil. Rather than using the stovetop, the chef would use a commercial deep fat fryer instead. This leaves more stove space for important jobs that cannot be outsourced elsewhere.

Overall, increasing efficiency and quality in the kitchen is all about good management. It is about being able to outsource tasks to more specialist equipment. By leaving yourself with enough space in the oven, you can increase efficiency and prevent any unnecessary waiting around.

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