Home Staging Furniture Rental Can Really Pay Off

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    Dec 03, 2012
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Just like walking through clothing stores, walking through a furniture showroom can be fun. If you see something you like, it is easy to imagine yourself sitting on the sofa by the fire or sitting down to a delicious meal at a beautiful dining room table.

The same thing happens to potential buyers when they walk into your home and can see themselves and their family living in each well decorated room.  Creating this emotional effect as a result of home staging drives up the sale price and can put a ‘sold’ sign in your front yard.

Sell your home the first time you list it.In this real estate marketing simply having a clean, clutter-free home is often no longer enough. It is essential to improve the overall appearance of the house to make it more attractive for sale. People are sometimes limited by their own imaginations and you must show them the possibilities of the home. If your home is vacant, your house has a greater risk of sitting on the market for a longer period of time. Pulling the house off the market and listing it again is a costly and lengthy process that any seller wants to avoid.

Maximize your selling price.  Selling the house is not just the goal; the goal is to sell the house for the highest price possible in the quickest time possible. When potential buyers can see themselves living in the home, they are willing to pay a higher price because of the emotional connection with the house. When potential home buyers can envision themselves in a home, the buyer is much more willing  to want to purchase the property. The initial investment of renting furniture for home staging is small compared to the thousands of dollars more you can earn on the sale of your house.

Is home staging difficult? Renting furniture for home staging may seem like a difficult process, but staging specialists and furniture rental companies work together with your real estate agent to make the process a breeze. You already have enough stress and things to get in line as you sell your home and luckily the furniture rental process is easy. You can rent a wide variety of furniture to fit the needs of your showings. The rental company provides delivery and pick-up services so that your role is minimized in the process; this aspect can be especially helpful if you have already relocated to your new home in another area.

What will home staging do? The point of home staging is to help potential buyers envision life in the house, but there are many proven strategies and tactics that actually make the house more attractive. A staging specialist is able to arrange the rented furniture in a way that promotes better traffic flow and makes the house seem spacious. Different pieces add touches of color and décor will enhance attractive features of the house.

Trust the experience of the staging specialists as they rent furniture for home staging to help sell your house quickly for the highest price possible.

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