A Dallas Furniture Rental Showroomis a Place to Start Your Home Staging Process

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    Dec 21, 2012
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Many communities around the country have a very competitive real estate market and Dallas is no exception. Because of this the Dallas area Realtor’s know that if they want to gain an edge in selling vacant homes, sellers should stage their home to make it attractive to potential buyers. A small initial investment of renting furniture can often result in a finding a buyer faster and getting an increased selling price. A successfully staged home often requires furnishings that are not currently in your home but those that can be easily obtained at the Brook Furniture Rental showroom in Dallas.

A Realtor’s goal with home staging is to enhance the look of a home with furniture that will make potential buyers feel at home. Furniture rental showrooms, like the one in Dallas, often inspire creativity. As you walk through the Dallas showroom, you will see rooms on display that capture a variety of furniture styles, which can accent any home. In addition, the Account Executives will help you find the finest furniture to present your home for sale in the best light possible.

Browse the showroom to find your vision for your home.  You or your Realtor may already have a vision in mind of what furniture would look best to stage in your home. You may have already secured the services of a home staging professional.  In any case, you can browse an assortment of styles to find the perfect pieces to match your vision. Additionally, Brook Furniture Rental also provides an online catalog, if you don’t have the time to visit the Dallas showroom.

Seasoned professionals make the process easy. Customer Account Executives in the Dallas showroom have an eye for interior design. They have worked with Realtors and stagers during the process of home staging many times before and understand which pieces work to enhance the overall appeal of a home to improve the selling time and improve the likelihood of selling a home for a higher price.  Alternatively, an account executive can provide more services by meeting you at the home for sale to get an idea of the needs and space requirements.

Visit a furniture rental showroom with your realtor and home stager. Consulting a professional, such as a Customer Account Executive, whom has experience in home staging as well as your realtor before you embark on the home staging process is always a good first step. They have invaluable experience and will take you through the pros and cons of home staging. With their help, what you see at the Brook Furniture Rental’s showroom floor will translate into a picturesque scene in your home for sale that ultimately can assist you in successfully selling your home.

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